Competition for an Open Source Exhibition of Virtual Models

The IMS is a partner in the following competition as part of the world initiative Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013). The proposed exhibition will have a virtual part as well as instructions to realize material parts. Examples of modules or themes to be covered are available on the website

To stimulate imagination on the many domains where mathematics plays a crucial role in planetary issues the following four themes are proposed, but these themes are not exhaustive:

A PLANET TO DISCOVER: oceans; meteorology and climate; mantle processes, natural resources, celestial mechanics

A PLANET SUPPORTING LIFE: ecology, biodiversity, evolution

A PLANET ORGANIZED BY HUMANS: political, economic, social and financial systems; organization of transport and communications networks; management of resources; energy

A PLANET AT RISK: climate change, sustainable development, epidemics; invasive species, natural disasters

The typical modules submitted to this competition can be of four forms and should have some scientific explanations for the public:

1 A module explaining how to realize a physical module in a museum;

2 An interactive exhibit to be watched either on the web or in a museum;

3 A film;

4 Image(s).

Competition period, jury, prizes

The competition will be open from January 2012 to May 15, 2012. The prize winners will be selected by an international jury nominated by MPE2013. The prize winners will be announced in August 2012. The judges’ decision will be final. The first, second and third prize winners will receive respective prizes of US$ 5000, US$ 3000 and US$ 2000. The winning modules will occupy a prominent place on the website of the exhibition. Moreover it is planned to show the modules of the overall winners in exhibitions and museums. Please visit for more information.