An impressive lineup of plenary speakers has been selected for next year’s IMS Annual Meeting, the eighth World Congress in Probability and Statistics, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 9 to 14, 2012.

Next year’s IMS Special Invited Lectures are the Wald Lectures, the Le Cam lecture, and eight Medallion Lectures, five of which will be at the World Congress. The Wald Lectures will be given by Steffen Lauritzen, University of Oxford, and the Le Cam lecturer is Pascal Massart, Université de Paris-Sud. The World Congress Medallion lecturers are Sourav Chatterjee, University of California, Berkeley; Franco Flandoli, Università di Pisa; Nicole El Karoui, École Polytechnique; Alexandre Tsybakov, Université Paris VI; and Van Vu, Rutgers University.

[The other three 2012 Medallion lectures will be delivered at JSM in San Diego, by Yoav Benjamini, Emmanuel Candes and Don Geman.]

The Tukey Lecturer is chosen every four years by the Bernoulli Society Subcommittee on Named Lectures for the World Congress; it is one of the highest academic honours bestowed by the Bernoulli Society. Next year’s Tukey lecturer is Bin Yu, Chancellor’s Professor of Statistics and EECS and Chair of Statistics at Berkeley.

The other Bernoulli Society lectures are the Lévy lecture, by Maria Eulália Vares, Brazilian Center for Research in Physics; the Laplace lecture, by Anestis Antoniadis, University Joseph Fourier; the Bernoulli lecture, by Peter Green, University of Bristol; and the Kolmogorov lecture, by Stas Smirnov, Université de Genève. There will also be a public lecture from Peter Diggle, Lancaster University.

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