The Distinguished Alum Award is annually presented to a former graduate of the Biostatistics Department working in government, industry, or academia, who by virtue of applications to support of research, methodology and theory, significant organizational responsibility, and teaching has impacted the theory and practice of statistical science. The overall career of the individual is considered with an emphasis on how the nominee has used their experience to bring out the best in life with research and academics. The award recipient will be invited to deliver a lecture on their career and life beyond the Department at the Harvard School of Public Health, for the primary benefit of our students. The recipient will also be presented with a plaque.

The recipient of the 2008 Distinguished Alum Award was Robert Strawderman of Cornell University. Receiving the award in previous years were Masahiro Takeuchi of the Kitasato University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Daniel Siegel, 1961 Harvard Alum.

Nominations for the award, to be given in May/June 2009, should be sent to:

The Distinguished Award Committee
Dept. of Biostatistics
Harvard School of Public Health
655 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115.

Nominations should include a letter describing the contributions of the candidate, specifically highlighting the criteria for the award, and curriculum vitae. Supporting letters and materials are welcome but not required.

The deadline for submission of nominations is January 31, 2009.