The Institute of Mathematical Statistics has selected Sourav Chatterjee as the winner of this year’s Tweedie New Researcher Award. Dr Chatterjee received his PhD in 2005 at Stanford University, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Berkeley University

Marina Vannucci, chair of the IMS Travel Awards Committee remarked, “The decision of the Committee was unanimous. Sourav Chatterjee has made striking extensions of classical ideas of Lindeberg and Charles Stein in the spirit of Talagrand’s concentration inequalities, leading to improved inequalities in a broad range of topics from spin glasses and random matrices to estimation of effective dimension of i.i.d. high-dimensional data.”

On hearing of the award, Sourav said, “I am honored and humbled. It’s a great opportunity to meet other young statisticians, and to learn about each other’s research.”

The IMS Tweedie New Researcher Award will fund Sourav’s travel to present the Tweedie New Researcher Invited Lecture at the IMS New Researchers’ Conference, held this year in Boulder, Colorado, from July 29 to August 2.