The area of SPDEs has been growing steadily in the past 30 years, providing new techniques for analyzing complex systems whose behaviour is subject to random perturbations. SPDEs can be used for modelling a wide range of physical phenomena, encountered in statistical mechanics, mathematical physics, theoretical neuroscience, fluid dynamics and mathematical finance. The workshop will have two main goals. One is to bring together internationally renowned researchers working on various topics related to the theory and applications of SPDEs, to exchange the latest results and generate novel ideas for research directions and applications. This goal will be achieved through invited and contributed talks, as well as through informal discussions in smaller groups. The other is to introduce graduate students and young researchers to this area, which has a long tradition of excellence in the mathematical sciences in Canada. In addition to talks given by world-experts in this area, the workshop will contain 4 expository lectures (of 90 minutes each) given by internationally renowned researchers Robert Dalang (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and David Nualart (University of Kansas), intended for graduate students and researchers who are not experts in the field.