concentration phenomena, high dimensional limit theorems, probabilistic facets of high dimensional convex bodies, random convex bodies, random graphs, random polytopes, random simplicial complexes, random tessellations Speakers: Francois Baccelli, Bartlomiej Blaszczyszyn, Erik Broman, Yogeshwaran Dhandapani, Günter Last, Ilya Molchanov, Tobias Müller, Eliza O’Reilly, Peter Pivovarov, Ngoc Mai Tran In addition, three minicourses will be held: Omer Bobrowski: Random simplicial complexes Zakhar Kabluchko: Random polytopes Joscha Prochno: Convex bodes in high dimensions Talks are given online and access data will be sent to the registered participants in due course. Recordings of the talks will be posted online.