On October 14, Dr Lehana Thabane, VP of Research at St Joseph’s Healthcare and Professor of Biostatistics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, will give an online talk as part of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute/Statistical Society of Canada (CANSSI/SSC) Cross-Country Tour. Presentation abstract: COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge of our lifetime so far. “Statistical thinking” in health is about advancing the welfare or health of society through research—optimal use of information to plan, diagnose, prevent, treat, and manage health conditions. One of the key roles of a statistician is to support the design of primary studies to generate the evidence, and systematic reviews synthesizing the evidence to guide policy. Like all scientists, when the pandemic hit, I had to pivot my own research to focus on it. I will share my involvement in several COVID-19 research collaborations: 1. What the purpose of the project was 2. What the key findings were (if available) 3. What lessons I learnt from these collaborations