This conference is a small regional conference that has been held at the Duke mathematics department seven times in the last nine years. The timing is the Monday and Tuesday after Duke graduation. There are seven speakers, mostly young researchers and the meeting ends at noon on Tuesday to facilitate travel from universities. Like the Midwest and Northeast Probability Conferences, our goal to serve the probabilists in our region. However, In contrast to those meetings, which attract a large number of participants from a wide area, ours is a small meeting with a leisurely schedule that allows ample opportunity for speakers and other participants to interact. Graduate students and postdocs have a chance to learn about recent developments from experts. A poster session at the end of the first day will allow young researchers to present their work. Slides of the main lectures will be made available after the meeting on the conference web page to more broadly disseminate their content. IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Rick Durrett (Duke), Jim Nolen (Duke), Shankar Bhamidi (UNC), Tai Melcher (Virginia)