The purpose of this event is to bring together the world’s foremost experts in classical parametric likelihood-based inference in order to discuss and advertise important open problems. Relevant areas of interest include likelihood asymptotics (and higher-order asymptotics), foundations of likelihood theory, issues in computation and implementation for existing parametric likelihood inference procedures, application areas where existing likelihood-based inference procedures are inadequate, and other topics which are primarily concerned with frequentist parametric likelihood-based inference. Rather than conventional talks promoting recent research, the workshop will feature invited speakers, representing many research groups in different countries, discussing open problems from a historical perspective. There will also be discussion panels and small group sessions. The goal of the workshop is to produce an authoritative, intellectually- and geographically-inclusive document, co-authored by all participants, which explains the open problems discussed at the workshop, and provides some consensus assessment about their importance. This document is intended to serve as a guide for new researchers, journal editors, and decision makers at funding agencies, many of whom may not be familiar with the state of classical parametric likelihood theory, or what type of result would constitute a major breakthrough. The event will also advertise the beauty and maturity of this foundational field of statistical inference, and emphasize that there are many active research groups around the world.