A single most difficult task of a science journal editor is to identify, nurture, and retain talented science writers and reviewers, who could masterfully creatively communicate to science to peers and general audience. The objective of the course is to provide tools and resources to stellar students, young promising researchers, and seasoned scientists and practitioners in developing and honing their skills in technical writing, manuscript reviewing and editing. This course aims to demystify the editorial process and demonstrate a strong training potential of offering constructive feedback to peers and engaging in science communication at all stages of the research and practice endeavours. For the early career researchers and practitioners, this course will help to find their voices and establish their independent paths. For authors with limited publishing and reviewing experience this course will help to build skills, find their voices, and instil self-confidence and self-worth. For senior authors, this course will offer paths to share their knowledge and wisdom. For ISI members (and not yet members), this course will illustrate a broad range of publications supported by ISI’s societies and highlight opportunities and available resources. Effective communication of science is the essence of humankind’s progress in the 21st Century.