Discrete mathematics is a branch of the mathematical sciences which poses a wide range of challenging research problems in its own right and gives rise to important applications in other fields. This 3rd IMA conference on discrete mathematics, following on from the previous two at Derby, will consider a range of aspects of discrete mathematics, both pure and applied. It is open to researchers working with mathematical structures and abstract constructs, and to those involved in the theory and practice of discrete mathematics. Results which establish links between different areas of discrete mathematics are welcomed, as are applications and the development of new tools. The purpose of this event is to highlight progress in the field through the development of novel theories, methodologies, and applications accordingly, and to inspire future work. Topics of discrete mathematics including, but not limited to, the following: Graph Theory; Extremal Combinatorics: Additive Combinatorics: Probabilistic Combinatorics: Enumerative and Analytic Combinatorics: Matroids: Combinatorial Algorithms: Designs and Finite Geometries: Ordered and partially ordered sets: Set Systems: Combinatorial optimisation: links with related areas including discrete probability and number theory: Applications. Call for Papers: Papers will be accepted (or not) for the conference based on a short 300 word abstract for oral presentation. Abstracts should be submitted online at https://my.ima.org.uk. If your abstract is a less conventional part of discrete mathematics, please try to make clear how your abstract relates to discrete mathematics. Please state whether your title is intended for oral or poster presentation (poster presentations are optional). Oral presentations are expected to be 25 minutes in length, including 5 minutes for questions and answers. CLOSING DATE- 14 January 2022 Acceptance Notification – 28 January 2022 Conference Fees: Early Bird Fees*: IMA Member £220 Non‐IMA Member £300 IMA Student £150 Non‐IMA Student £160 *Early Bird Fees will be available until Monday 7 March 2022, after which the fees will rise by £20. Conference fees include refreshments and lunches throughout the conference, facilities hire and a drinks reception on Monday evening. Registration: Registration is currently open at https://my.ima.org.uk/. If you are an IMA Member or you have previously registered for an IMA conference, then you are already on our database. Please “request a new password” using the email address previously used, to log in. CLOSING DATE – 25 March 2022 Confirmed Invited Speakers: Prof Simon Blackburn, Royal Holloway Dr Jessica Enright, University of Glasgow Prof James Hirschfeld, University of Sussex Dr Eoin Long, University of Birmingham Organising Committee: Dr David Penman, University of Essex (chair) Prof Peter Cameron, University of St. Andrews Prof Peter Larcombe, University of Derby Dr Bridget Webb, Open University