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Volume 49, Issue 1: January/February 2020

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  • National Academy of Medicine elects Betz Halloran
  • Members’ news: Speakers at SSP; David Allison addresses US House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
  • New Editor for Statistical Science
  • IMS Special Lectures in 2020
  • Obituary: Salem Khamis
  • Seeking old Bulletins
  • XL-Files: Time Travel and Dark Data
  • Previews: Ashwin Pananjady, Didong Li
  • Parzen Prize nominations
  • Student Puzzle Corner 27 and solution to 26
  • Nominations for IMS Fellows, Carver; Applications for IMS Travel Awards
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Probability; Electronic Communications in Probability

Volume 2020, Issue 2: March 2020

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  • World Congress in Seoul
  • Members’ news: Alan Welsh, Jay Bartroff, Larry Goldstein, Gary Lorden, Xiao-Li Meng, David Allison
  • Ruobin Gong: Beyond Enigmatic
  • Radu’s Rides (Radu Craiu): A True Embarrassment of Riches
  • Previews: Roger Koenker, Paul Rosenbaum, Nicolas Curien
  • International Data Science in Schools Project
  • Student Puzzle Corner 28, and solution to number 27
  • IMS New Researchers Conference
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Statistics; Statistics Surveys
  • Obituaries: Colin Blyth, Janos Galambos, Jonathan Cryer

Volume 49, Issue 3: April/May 2020

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  • Tweedie Award: Adel Javanmard; Hall Prize: Rina Foygel Barber
  • World Congress in Seoul postponed by COVID-19
  • Members’ news: Arnaud Doucet, Tom Berrett, Judea Pearl, Ewain Gwynne
  • COPSS Fisher Award: Kathryn Roeder; COPSS Scott Award: Amita Manatunga
  • Recent papers: Stochastic Systems; Probability Surveys
  • XL-Files: COVID Coping and The Law of Most People
  • Previews: Martin Barlow, Adel Javanmard, Laurent Saloff-Coste, Daniela Witten, Yuqi Gu
  • Current Index to Statistics finds new home
  • Obituaries: David John Finney, Sue Wilson
  • IMS Elections 2020: Candidate profiles

Volume 49, Issue 4: June/July 2020

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  • Carver Award: Lynne Billard
  • Members’ news: Gérard Ben Arous, Yoav Benjamini, Ofer Zeitouni, Sallie Ann Keller, Dennis Lin, Tom Liggett, Kavita Ramanan, Ruth Williams, Thomas Lee, Kathryn Roeder, Jiming Jiang, Adrian Smith
  • Nominate for International Prize in Statistics
  • Recent papers: AIHP, Observational Studies
  • News from Statistical Science
  • Radu’s Rides: A Lesson in Humility
  • Who’s working on COVID-19?
  • Nominate an IMS Special Lecturer for 2022/2023
  • Obituaries: Richard (Dick) Dudley, S.S. Shrikhande, Mark H.A. Davis
  • Student Puzzle Corner
  • Meet the new IMS Fellows
  • New healthcare stats podcast
  • Meetings (including new online/virtual meetings)

Volume 49, Issue 5: August 2020

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  • IMS Election results 2020
  • Members’ news: Michael Jordan
  • New Researcher Travel Awards, Hannan Graduate Student Travel Awards
  • COPSS statement on the Fisher Award
  • Members’ work on COVID-19
  • Bernoulli–IMS World Symposium
  • Takis Tackles: Mathematical Higher Education
  • Nominate an IMS Special Lecturer for 2022/2023
  • Scientific Legacy Project
  • Recent papers: Bayesian Analysis; Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics
  • Student Puzzle Corner
  • Obituaries: Thomas Liggett, Clifford Spiegelman, Kenneth Russell, Roger Farrell
  • Radu’s Rides: The Road Less Traveled
  • Norwood Award; Royal Statistical Society exchange session; Akaike Award
  • ACM/IMS journal seeks new Editors-in-Chief
  • Meetings (including new online/virtual meetings)

Volume 49, Issue 6: September 2020

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  • JSM 2021 call for Invited Session proposals
  • Members’ news: Rina Foygel Barber, Daniela Witten, ASA Awards, ASA Fellows, Emmanuel Candès, Aurore Delaigle, Paul Gustafson, David Donoho
  • Schramm Lectures; Royal Society Awards; Ethel Newbold Prize
  • Nominate for IMS awards: Hall Prize, Tweedie New Researcher Award, Carver Medal, Fellowship, and Special Lecturers; Apply for Travel Awards
  • Donors to IMS Funds
  • Recent papers: Annals of Probability; Annals of Applied Probability; ALEA, the Latin-American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics; Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Obituaries: Willem van Zwet, Don Gaver, Yossi Yahav
  • Canadian Journal of Statistics calls for COVID-19 papers
  • Treasurer’s Report 2019

Volume 49, Issue 7: October/November 2020

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  • New IMS President and Council meet
  • Members’ news: David Madigan, Rene Carmona, Michael Ludkovski, Philip Ernst, Nancy Reid
  • C.R. Rao at 100
  • COPSS Presidents’ Award interview; Call for COPSS nominations (including new COPSS Leadership Academy Award)
  • Nominate for IMS Awards
  • Breakthrough Prizes
  • World Statistics Day
  • Obituaries: Hélène Massam, Xiangrong Yin, Saul Blumenthal
  • Radu’s Rides: The Stink of Mathematical Righteousness
  • Recent papers: Annals of Statistics; Annals of Applied Statistics
  • Statistical Science Conversations
  • Propose an IMS Monograph or Textbook
  • Student Puzzle Corner 31

Volume 49, Issue 8: December 2020

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IMS Bulletin 49(8) cover image

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