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Volume 48, Issue 1: January/February 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(1) cover image
  • National Academy of Medicine elects Xihong Lin
  • Members’ news: Raphael Gottardo; Song Xi Chen, Edward L. Ionides, Sharon-Lise Normand
  • COPSS nominations
  • Journal news: new editors for Ann.Appl.Stat., Ann.Stat, Ann.Appl.Probab
  • Anirban’s Angle: US Elections, 2016, 2018, 2020
  • New group on History of Statistics
  • Obituary: Frank Hampel
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Probability; Electronic Communications in Probability
  • Hand writing: Right, legitimate and proper? The new world of data ethics
  • IMS Awards: nominate or apply
  • IMS Awards
  • Student Puzzle Corner 23 (and solution to 22)

Volume 2019, Issue 2: March 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(2) cover image
  • Wolf Prize for Greg Lawler and Jean-François Le Gall
  • Members’ news: RSS Prizes for Susan Murphy, Jonas Peters, Tengyao Wang; Dickson Prize for Emery Brown; CNRS Silver Medal for Grégory Miermont
  • Special invited lecturers in 2019
  • Medallion Lecture previews: Krzysztof Burdzy, David Dunson
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Statistics; Statistics Surveys
  • Project Euclid by the Numbers
  • President’s Column: The CRediT you’ve been asking for
  • ACM joint membership agreement
  • Statistical Science Conversations
  • Teaching Statistics at a Food Coop
  • Hand writing: On Talking Data
  • Meeting report: SPA-2018

Volume 48, Issue 3: April/May 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(3) cover image
  • Po-Ling Loh selected to receive Tweedie New Researcher Award
  • Members’ news: Yoav Benjamini; Zhen-Qing Chen; Speakers at WC2020; David Hinkley
  • Medallion Lecture previews: Yoav Benjamini (Rietz lecturer), Charles Bordenave (Medallion lecturer)
  • Recent papers: Stochastic Systems; Probability Surveys
  • Meeting: Calcutta Triennial Symposium
  • Childcare grants
  • Rollo Davidson Prize
  • Host the 11th World Congress in 2024
  • ACM–IMS Data Science Summit
  • Candidate statements for 2019 IMS Elections

Volume 48, Issue 4: June/July 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(4) cover image
  • Jean Opsomer receives IMS Carver Award
  • Members’ news: Kathryn Roeder; ASA Fellows; Eric Laber; Robert Tibshirani; Klaus Krickeberg
  • COPSS Awards at JSM: Sudipto Banerjee, Paul Rosenbaum; IMS at JSM
  • Medallion Lecture preview: Étienne Pardoux
  • New Researcher Travel Awards
  • Recent papers: AIHP; Observational Studies
  • Department News: University of Michigan Statistics
  • New IMS Fellows
  • President’s Column: From Statistically Significant to Significantly Statistical
  • Obituaries: Kimiko Bowman, Harry Kesten, Joan Rosenblatt
  • Report: Tom Liggett meeting
  • Student Puzzle 24 (and solution to 23)
  • Hannan Travel Awards
  • Hand Writing: From models to money

Volume 48, Issue 5: August 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(5) cover image
  • IMS election results 2019
  • Members’ news: David Donoho, Arthur Dempster
  • Special IMS lectures in 2020 – and nominations for future lectures
  • Lecture Previews: Wald – Trevor Hastie; Medallions – Liza Levina, Yee Whye Teh, Helen Zhang
  • Recent papers: Bayesian Analysis, Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • President’s Column
  • Student Puzzle
  • Remembering Larry Brown
  • Obituaries: Joel Zinn, David Hinkley
  • Meeting Report: Modern Applied Probability
  • Anirban’s Angle: Earth’s Temperature Data

Volume 48, Issue 6: September 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(6) cover image
  • Allan Sly wins Loève Prize
  • Members’ news: Knighthood for Peter Donnelly, CBE for Sylvia Richardson; Daniela Witten receives 2019 Mortimer Spiegelman Award
  • Watch JSM plenary speakers; read slides from presentations
  • IMS meeting at JSM: photos
  • Nominate for IMS awards: Hall Prize, Tweedie New Researcher Award, Carver Medal, Fellowship
  • COPSS Presidents’ Award: Hadley Wickham
  • Nominate for next year’s COPSS awards
  • Treasurer’s Report 2018
  • Obituaries: Marc Moore, Joe Heyse
  • Recent papers: Annals of Probability; Annals of Applied Probability; ALEA, the Latin-American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Meeting report: WNAR/IMS/JR in Portland; SPA in Evanston
  • IMS Travel Awards: Why you should apply!

Volume 48, Issue 7: October/November 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(7) cover image
  • Where to find IMS news
  • Members’ news: Bruno Rémillard, Johanna Nešlehová, Peijun Sang, Radu Craiu, Jeffrey Rosenthal, Adam Kashlak, Mathias Drton, Po-Ling Loh, Gongjun Xu, Lingzhou Xue, Quentin Berthet
  • Meeting: ISI World Congress
  • IMS Members: a snapshot
  • Keeping our research FAIR
  • Nominations: Parzen Prize, IMU awards, CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize, COPSS Awards, Breiman Awards
  • Anirban’s Angle: “Missing Women”—Statistical Tests for Female Infanticide
  • IMS Awards Nominations: Carver, Fellows, Hall, Tweedie, Travel Awards
  • Hand Writing: Fraud Detection and Statistics
  • Recent papers: Annals of Statistics, Annals of Applied Statistics; Journal Alerts
  • Student Puzzle Corner 26

Volume 48, Issue 8: December 2019

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 48(8) cover image
  • Winners of Lawrence Brown PhD Student Awards
  • Members’ news: Byeong Uk Park, Hal Stern, Per Mykland, James Robins, Philip Stark, Mark Girolami
  • ENAR Presidential Invited Speaker: Sharon-Lise Normand
  • Student Puzzle Corner deadline extended
  • The Curious Incident of the Car in the Night-time
  • Nominations: IMS Fellows, Carver, Hall, Tweedie and Travel Awards; Doeblin Prize; Zelen Leadership Award
  • Obituary: Murray Rosenblatt
  • Pro Bono Statistics: Yoram Gat on Statisticians and Democratic Procedures
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Recent papers: Statistical Science; Bernoulli
  • Invited sessions at World Congress

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