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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Approximate models and robust decisions

James Watson and Chris Holmes

Multivariate state hidden Markov models for mark-recapture data

Devin S. Johnson, Jeffery L. Laake, Sharon R. Melin, and Robert L. DeLong

A Conversation with Richard M. Cormack

Stephen Terrence Buckland

A Conversation with Michael Woodroofe

Moulinath Banerjee and Bodhisattva Sen

And the First One Now Will Later be Last: Time Reversal in Cormack-Jolly-Seber Models

James D. Nichols

A Review of Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests of Isotropy Properties in Spatial Data

Zachary Weller and Jennifer Hoeting

Ratio plot and ratio regression with applications to social and medical sciences

Dankmar Boehning

Rank Tests from Partially Ordered Data using Importance and MCMC Sampling Methods

Debashis Mondal and Nina Hinrichs

50-year-old curiosities: ancillarity and inference in capture-recapture models

Matthew R Schofield and Richard J Barker

Trace-contrast models for capture-recapture without capture histories

Rachel M Fewster, Ben C Stevenson, and David L Borchers

Close-kin mark-recapture methods

Mark V. V. Bravington, Hans J. Skaug, and Eric C Anderson

Estimating the prevalence of drug use using mark-recapture methods

Gordon Hay and Clive Richardson

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