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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

A Uniformly Consistent Estimator of Causal Effects Under The k-Triangle-Faithfulness Assumption

Peter Spirtes and Jiji Zhang

Extropy: complementary dual of entropy

Frank Lad, Giuseppe Sanfilippo, and Gianna Agro

Q- and A-learning Methods for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes

Phillip J. Schulte, Anastasios A. Tsiatis, Eric B. Laber, and Marie Davidian

Standardization and control for confounding in observational studies: a historical perspective

Niels Keiding and David Clayton

Le Her and Other Problems in Probability Discussed by Bernoulli, Montmort and Waldegrave

David Richard Bellhouse and Nicolas Fillion

Higher Order Tangent Spaces and Influence Functions

Aad van der Vaart

Interference and sensitivity analysis

Tyler J VanderWeele, Eric J Tchetgen Tchetgen, and M Elizabeth Halloran

The Bayesian Analysis of Complex, High-Dimensional Models: Can it be CODA?

Ya'acov Ritov, Peter J. Bickel, Antony C. Gamst, and Bas J. K. Kleijn

Monte Carlo null models for genomic data

Egil Ferkingstad, Lars Holden, and Geir Kjetil Sandve

External Validity: From do-calculus to Transportability across Populations

Judea Pearl and Elias Bareinboim

Cross-Covariance Functions for Multivariate Geostatistics

Marc Genton and William Kleiber

Statistics, Causality and Bell's theorem

Richard David Gill

A conversation with Richard Olshen

John Rice

Structural nested models and G-estimation: the partially realized promise

Stijn Vansteelandt and Marshall Joffe

A Conversation with Nancy Flournoy

William Rosenberger

A Conversation with R.C. Elston

Gang Zheng, Zhaohai Li, and Nancy L. Geller

Bayesian Indirect Inference using a Parametric Auxiliary Model

Christopher C Drovandi, Anthony N Pettitt, and Anthony Lee

Nonparametric Bounds and Sensitivity Analysis of Treatment Effects

Amy Richardson, Michael G Hudgens, Peter B Gilbert, and Jason P Fine

Doubly Robust Policy Evaluation and Learning

Miroslav Dudik, Dumitru Erhan, John Langford, and Lihong Li

Causal diagrams for interference and contagion

Elizabeth L Ogburn and Tyler J VanderWeele

On the Question of Effective Sample Size in Network Modeling: An Asymptotic Inquiry

Eric Kolaczyk and Pavel Krivitsky

Estimating structural mean models with multiple instrumental variables using the generalised method of moments

Paul S Clarke, Tom M Palmer, and Frank Windmeijer

Multi-armed Bandit Models for the Optimal Design of Clinical Trials: Benefits and Challenges

Sofía S. Villar, Jack Bowden, and James Wason

Causal Etiology of Robins Research

Thomas Stuart Richardson and Andrea Rotnitzky

Higher Criticism for Large-Scale Inference, Especially for Rare and Weak Effects

David L Donoho and Jiashun Jin

On various confidence intervals post-model-selection

Hannes Leeb, Benedikt M. Pötscher, and Karl Ewald

Posterior model consistency in variable selection as the model dimension grows

Elias Moreno, Javier Girón, and George Casella

‘But a good cigar is a smoke’: A conversation with Jerry Friedman

Nicholas Fisher

Approximate Bayesian model selection with the deviance statistic

Leonhard Held, Daniel Sabanés Bové, and Isaac Gravestock

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