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Copyright, Publication Charges and Offprints

Following the acceptance of papers in for publication in IMS journals, the IMS Executive Director will contact authors regarding copyright transfers, page funding and paper offprints.


All authors are required to submit a signed copyright transfer form. The IMS must receive the signed Agreement before the manuscript can be scheduled for publication.

download Copyright transfer agreement for all journals

Publication Charges

Payment of some or all of the estimated publication charges associated with an article is voluntary. The editorial review of articles and administration of publication charges are separate activities. Manuscripts are reviewed and accepted prior to soliciting publication charges.

IMS encourages authors to use available grant or institutional funds to contribute to publication charges. Funds from publication charges go to support IMS journals directly by allowing the IMS to keep subscription prices low and to provide open electronic access to some journals. Publication charges are billed at: $950 for articles in any Print/Gated Electronic Access journal; $550 for articles appearing in an Open Electronic Access journal; $100 for any discussion in any journal. Partial payment (in any amount) of publication charges will be gratefully accepted if full payment is not possible.

Open access is granted on any article for which full publication charges are paid.

online Publication Charges Funding Form


Every corresponding author will receive a pdf file via email of the final article. Paper offprints may be purchased by using the IMS offprint purchase web page below.

IMS-StatLib Author Agreement Form

If you are an author for an article in the Annals of Applied Statistics and you plan to post supplements to your article. Please read and sign this form.

download IMS-StatLib Author Agreement Form