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All exact term dates are tentative (may fluctuate a few days depending on final meeting schedules)

Current IMS Council


IMS Executive Committee

    Term expires *
President Erwin Bolthausen Aug-10-15
President-elect Richard Davis Aug-10-15
Past President Bin Yu Aug-10-15
Treasurer Jean Opsomer Jul-13-16
Program Secretary Judith Rousseau Aug-10-15
Executive Secretary Aurore Delaigle Aug-1-17

The IMS Executive Committee, 2013–14
Standing, left-right:: Past President Hans Künsch; President Bin Yu; President-elect Erwin Bolthausen;
Seated, left-right: Treasurer Jean Opsomer; Executive Secretary Aurore Delaigle; Program Secretary Judith Rousseau.


IMS Editors

      Term expires *
Annals of Applied
Editor Timo Seppäläinen Dec-31-15
Annals of Probability Editor Maria Eulalia Vares Dec-31-17
Annals of Applied Statistics Editor Stephen Fienberg Dec-31-15
Annals of Statistics Editors Peter Hall
Runze Li
Statistical Science Editor Peter Green Dec-31-16
IMS Bulletin Editor Anirban DasGupta Dec-31-16
Statistics & Probability Managing
T.N. Sriram Dec-31-16

Elected Members of Council

    Term expires *
  Alison Etheridge   Aug-10-15
  Xiao-Li Meng   Aug-10-15
  Nancy Reid   Aug-10-15
  Richard Samworth   Aug-10-15
  Ofer Zeitouni   Aug-10-15
  Rick Durrett   Aug-1-16
  Steffen Lauritzen   Aug-1-16
  Susan Murphy   Aug-1-16
  Jonathan Taylor   Aug-1-16
  Jane-Ling Wang   Aug-1-16
  Peter Bühlmann   Aug-1-17
  Florentina Bunea   Aug-1-17
  Geoffrey Grimmett   Aug-1-17
  Aad van der Vaart   Aug-1-17
  Naisyin Wang   Aug-1-17

Council subcommittees


Co-sponsorship of Meetings

    Term began *   Term expires *
Richard Samworth   Aug-12   Aug-15
Rick Durrett   Aug-13   Aug-16
Naisyin Wang   Aug-14   Aug-17
Judith Rousseau (ex officio)   Jul-12   Aug-15