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2008 Meetings Around the World

IMS Annual Meeting

71st IMS Annual Meeting/ 7th Bernoulli Society World Congress

July 14-19, 2008

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Chair of the Local Organizing Committee: Louis Chen, Chair of the Scientific Program Committee: Ruth Williams

(IMS sponsored meeting)


Statistical Paradigms – Recent Advances And Reconciliations

January 1–4, 2008

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

The conference will cover all mainstream areas of statistics as well as recently emerging new areas, e.g. Asymptotic Theory, all areas of Statistical Inference including Nonparametric, Semiparametric and Robust Inference, Directional Data Analysis, Environmental Statistics, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiments, Sample Surveys, Survival Analysis and Reliability, Linear, Generalized Linear and Nonlinear Models, Modeling of Discrete Data, Bioinformatics, Chaos and Nonlinear Time Series, Spatial Statistics, Statistical Signal Processing, Statistical Computing and Statistical Genetics.

Contemporary Frontiers in High-Dimensional Statistical Data Analysis

January 7-11, 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

The workshop will cover fundamental areas of modern statistical theory and methodology required for the analysis of important large-scale practical problems. The nature of the topics is such that it should be of interest to those working in machine learning research and others in computer science, as well as to mainstream statisticians.

MCMSki II: Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Theory and Practice

January 9-11, 2008

Bormio, Italy (Italian Alps)

Program Chair: Bradley P. Carlin and Antonietta Mira
Register at:

(IMS sponsored meeting)

University of Florida Tenth Annual Winter Workshop: Bayesian Model Selection and Objective Methods

January 11-12, 2008

Gainesville Florida

The workshop will focus on recent developments in the area of Bayesian model selection and those aspects of objective methods that have to do with model selection. A major purpose of the workshop is to discuss the many recent significant developments in Bayesian model selection; to discuss practical implementation; and to identify important problems and new research directions.

SAMSI Environmental Sensor Network Opening Workshop

January 13-16, 2008

Research Triangle Park, NC

The goal of the Opening Workshop is to identify research challenges and open problems facing embedded sensing of environmental phenomena, specifically focusing on the roles of inference, monitoring and prediction.

7th Winter school on Mathematical Finance

January 21-23, 2008

CongresHotel De Werelt, Lunteren

Registration, via the webpage, is possible as of early October.

Inhomogenous Random Systems

January 22-23, 2008

Institut Henri Poincare, Paris

The aim of this annual workshop is to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on disordered or random systems, and to discuss recent developments on themes of common interest.

Rencontres de Physique Statistique

January 24-25, 2008


6th Workshop: Statistical methods for post-genomic data

January 31 - February 1, 2008


This workshop will focus on statistical methods dedicated to post-genomic data such as transcriptome, proteome... High flow experimental methods aim at identifying the genes functions and their links with a biological process.


Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Conference

February 7-8, 2008

Brussels, Belgium

The focus will be on the interplay between finance and insurance but also other topics in actuarial and financial mathematics are welcome.

Workshop on High-dimensional Data Analysis

February 27-29, 2008

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore

It is hoped that this timely workshop will lead to fruitful synergy and collaboration between the participants and stimulate further advance in the important and challenging problem of high-dimensional data analysis.

2008 Spring CAM Conference

February 28 - March 2, 2008

University of Notre Dame

The Center for Applied Mathemaics of the University of Notre dame will hold a conference "Emerging Directions in Probability and Statistics".


8th German Open Conference on Probability and Statistics

March 4-7, 2008.

Aachen, Germany

In the tradition of the previous conferences, it provides an international forum for presentation and discussion of new results in the area of probability and statistics. Participants from universities, business, administration, and industry are welcome.

LUMS 2nd International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications in Information Technology 2008

March 9-12, 2008

Lahore, Pakistan

This conference will cover full range of research subjects in all fields of Mathematics. The following Topics include, but are not limited to: Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics, Industrial and Financial Mathematics, Information Technology for Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics

Statistical Mechanics on Random Structures

March 10-14, 2008

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

This workshop is the fifth in a successful series of YEP meetings at EURANDOM in the years 2004-2007. This year, the main focus of the workshop will be the investigation of the large scale behaviour of systems whose “interaction network” is modelled by random graphs.

ENAR/IMS Spring Meeting

March 16-19, 2008

Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA

(IMS sponsored meeting)

Workshop on Stein’s Method

March 31 - April 4, 2008

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore

The aim of this workshop is to bring together many of the mathematicians at the forefront of this effort, to report on the newest developments and to initiate further joint projects.

High Dimensional Statistics in Biology

March 31­April 4, 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Workshop Organisers: Peter Bickel (UC Berkeley), Ewan Birney (EBI), Richard Durbin (Sanger Institute) and Wolfgang Huber (EBI)
Deadline: 30 November 2007


Seminar on Stochastic Processes 2008

April 3-5, 2008

University of Delaware

Apart from informal presentations by conference participants, there will be plenary talks by five invited speakers. In addition, a short informal afternoon session will be held honoring the late Frank Knight's Mathematical career.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Research Workshop on Bayesian Analysis of High Dimensional Data

April 14-16, 2008

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

The primary aim of the workshop is to highlight recent methodological and applied advances in the Bayesian analysis of complex data. This workshop is a satellite event within the program "Statistical Theory and Methods for Complex, High Dimensional Data" of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Workshop on Composite Likelihood Methods

April 15-17, 2008

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

This international workshop aims to review the state of art of composite likelihood inference, and to promote vigorous discussion of foundations, applications and future developments.

(IMS sponsored meeting)

Evolution Equations in Pure and Applied Sciences. A Symposium in Honour of Aldo Belleni-Morante

April 18-19, 2008

University of Florence, Firenze, Italy

Second Cayuga Triangle Meeting

April 18-19, 2008

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

If you are interested in attending the conference please send an email to at least 10 days prior to the event, and indicate whether you will need a room and if you would like to attend the dinner.

The International Conference on Trends and Perspectives in Linear Statistical Inference (LinStat 2008) in Celebration of Tadeusz Calinski’s 80th Birthday

April 21-25, 2008

Bedlewo, Poland

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers sharing an interest in a variety of aspects of statistics and its applications and offer them a possibility to discuss current developments in these subjects.

A Two-day Workshop on Bayesian Methods That Frequentists Should Know

April 30 - May 1, 2008

The University of Maryland Statistics Consortium College Park

The main purpose of the workshop is to assess the current state of usage of the Bayesian methodology in different disciplines and to discuss potential issues preventing the applications of the Bayesian methods. The workshop will highlight methods that have broad interest and appeal cutting across the Bayesian/Frequentist divide.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)


International Conference on Statistics and its Applications in Management

May 1-3, 2008

IIM Kozhikode

The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for the presentation of recent developments in statistical methodology and its novel applications in management.

2nd Graduate Student Conference in Probability

May 2-4, 2008

Madison, Wisconsin

We give you the opportunity to practice giving a conference talk about your research. We also try to establish connections between students interested in the same areas, in order to inspire subsequent collaboration. At the end of the conference, you will have a better idea about what people in the same career stage as you are working on

Mathematical Imaging and Digital Media

May 5 - June 27, 2008

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore

The purpose of this program is to conduct multidisciplinary studies involving mathematical perspectives and foundation of imaging science and digital media.

99th Statistical Mechanics Conference

May 11-13, 2008

Rutgers University

At this meeting we will celebrate the birthdays and achievements of our distinguished colleagues, Edouard Brezin and Giorgio Parisi.

Recent Advances in Statistics

May 16-17, 2208

Michigan State University

A Conference in honor of Professor H.L. Koul on his 65th birthday. The conference will focus on some of the latest developments in different areas of Statistics in recent years.

MolPAGE - Molecular Phenotyping to Accelerate Genomic Epidemiology Training WorkPackage: "CAUSAL INFERENCE"

May 19-21, 2008

Pavia, Italy

The aim of this Course is to review these developments and to provide state-of-the-art statistical solutions for genetic path identification, and for dealing with problems of confounding due to population admixture and of selection bias resulting from ascertainment conditions in genetic association studies.

Stochastic Analysis, Random Fields and Applications

May 19-23, 2008

Centro Stefano Franscini - Ascona, Switzerland

The topics include: Stochastics and climatology, Stochastic partial differential equations, Random fields, Stochastic analysis and finance, and Energy, climate and finance.

2008 Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and Technology

May 19-24, 2008

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

If you have any questions, please contact the one of the 2008 SRC program co-chairs: Paul Kvam, Jye-Chyi Lu, or Kwok Tsui

(IMS sponsored meeting)

International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) Conference; "Frontiers of Probability and Statistical Science"

May 22-25, 2008

University of Connecticut-Storrs

The conference information is available on the website

Nonparametric Statistics and Mixture Models: Past, Present, and Future

May 23-24, 2008

Penn State University, University Park, PA

The program committee invites proposals for papers focusing on any aspect of nonparametric statistics, mixture modeling, connections between those fields, and related applications.

Joint Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada and of the Société Française de Statistique

May 25-29, 2008

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This international conference will bring together academic, governmental and industrial researchers as well as users of statistics and probability, from the two continents. It will present workshops, invited and contributed sessions.

The Fifth Conference on High Dimensional Probability

May 26-30, 2008

Luminy, France

Organizers: Christian Houdre (, Vladimir Koltchinskii (, David Mason (, Magda Peligrad (

Fourth Workshop on Statistical Analysis of Neuronal Data (SAND4)

May 29-31, 2008

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

This workshop series is concerned with analysis of neural signals from various sources, including EEG, fMRI, MEG, 2-Photon, and extracellular recordings.

Statistics—Theory and Practice

May 30-31, 2008

Madison, Wisconsin

We celebrate the career of Richard Johnson and the contributions of all of the students, colleagues, and collaborators who have enriched his 42 years at Wisconsin.


Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Chaos

June 2–7, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

The global aim of quantum chaos is to understand the spectral and dynamical properties of quantum systems, which can be related in some limit to a classical dynamical system. The behaviour of the latter may range from very regular to very chaotic.

Workshop on "Bootstrap and Time Series"

June 5-6, 2008

Kaiserslautern, Germany

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on resampling techniques for dependent data. Call for talks and posters: Abstracts should be submitted electronically to by April 1st, 2008.

Southern Regional Council on Statistics (SRCOS)Summer Research Conference: "Modern Semiparametric Methods in Action."

June 8-11, 2008

Charleston, South Carolina

Hosted by the Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology at the Medical University of South Carolina. The conference is designed to facilitate interaction between junior and senior researchers. Contributed poster presentations from graduate students and junior faculty are especially encouraged. Grant funding is anticipated to support students and junior researchers. For more information, please visit our website or email Angela Williams at

International Workshop on Recent Advances in Time Series Analysis

June 8–11, 2008

Protaras, Cyprus

IMS Rep: Rainer von Sachs (UC Louvain, Belgium)

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

IMS-China International Conference on Statistics and Probability 2008

June 11-13

Hangzhou, China

Organizing Chairs: Zhengyan Lin, Zhejiang University; Xiaotong Shen, University of Minnesota
Click here to register for this meeting

(IMS sponsored meeting)

PIMS-UBC 2008: Summer School in Probability

June 11 - July 8, 2008

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The school will comprise two graduate courses (each of 30 hours): Brownian Motion and Analysis, by Chris Burdzy, and Discrete Spatial Processes in Probability, by Geoffrey Grimmett.

Stochastic Analysis and Applications: from Mathematical Physics to Mathematical Finance

June 13-15, 2008

Princeton, New Jersey

Sponsored by the NSF, ONR, the ORFE Department and the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University, and is in honor of Professor Rene Carmona on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

22nd Nordic Conference on Mathematical Statistics (NORDSTAT)

June 16-19, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania

The official language at all sessions of this international conference is English. The focus is on recent research in the Nordic and Baltic countries, but we are also very happy to announce that the conference will be attended by a few specially invited guests from other countries. It will be an excellent possibility to share ideas, experience and recent scientific achievements, also to have a nice time together.

2008 Beg Rohu summer school on statistical physics and condensed matter: Manifolds in Random Media, Random Matrices and Extreme Value Statistics

June 16-28, 2008

Saint Pierre Quiberon, France

The school is accommodated at the French National Sailing School (Ecole Nationale de Voile), located on the site of Beg Rohu.

Workshop on Inference and Estimation in Probabilistic Time-Series Models

June 18-20, 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

The workshop will discuss both theories and applications related to probabilistic approaches to time-series analysis. Viewpoints and experiences from researchers belonging to different communities, including machine learning, statistics and statistical physics, are particularly encouraged.

First International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics

June 19-21, 2007

University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

The objective of the conference, initiated by the working group STAPH, is to highlight the major trends in different areas of statistics with infinite dimension through the exchange of ideas and the promotion of collaboration between researchers from different countries. It aims at contributing to future developments of the fields.

2008 WNAR/IMS Western Regional Meeting Short Course

June 22, 2008

University of California, Davis

“R Survey Package Analyses for Two Phase Studies, with Applications in Epidemiology” by T. Lumley and N. Breslow..

(IMS sponsored meeting)

2008 WNAR/IMS Western Regional Meeting

June 23-25, 2008

University of California, Davis

Annual west-coast meeting, featuring invited and contributed paper sessions and plenary speakers Jerald Lawless and Peter Bartlett. Registration and wine-tasting reception (in the Davis tradition) on Sunday, exquisite Conference Banquet on Tuesday, Student Paper Competition, Young Researchers Luncheon. Program Chairs P. Heagerty and Charles Kooperberg.

(IMS sponsored meeting)

NSF/CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences on Convex Duality Methods in Mathematical Finance

June 22-27, 2008

University of California at Santa Barbara

The program will focus sharply on recent developments in applications of the convex duality method to problems in finance.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Design & Analysis of Genetic-based Association Studies

June 23-27, 2008

Pavia, Italy

The objective of the course is to provide a detailed treatment of the statistical issues and methods involved in analyzing genetic-based association studies. Each topic covered will include a lecture followed by a practical session in which state-of-the-art statistical software will be applied to relevant datasets. The practical sessions will illustrate the ideas presented in the lectures. All the software used will be freely available so skills learnt can be applied to the datasets after the course.

Stochastic Networks Conference

June 23-28, 2008

Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Chairs: F. Baccelli, J. Mairesse

4th Cornell Probability Summer School

June 23 - July 4, 2008

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

This year's summer school will focus on probability problems that arise from ecology.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Workshop on Algorithms for Modern Massive Data Sets (MMDS 2008)

June 25-28, 2008

Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA

Organizers: Gunnar Carlsson, Michael Mahoney, Lek-Heng Lim, Petros Drineas


June 26-28, 2008

Padova, Italy

The DYNSTOCH workshops are a continuation of earlier workshops on Statistics for Dynamic Stochastic Models organised by the European Research Network DYNSTOCH.

Workshop on Nonparametric Inference – WNI2008

June 26-28, 2008

Dep. Mathematics, Univ. Coimbra, Portugal

The purpose of the workshop is to illustrate active trends in nonparametric statistics.

Integrable Quantum Systems and Solvable Statistical Mechanical Models

June 30 – July 5, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

The topics include correlation functions, new development in the Ising model, Q operators and separation of variables, vacuum expectation values, connection to string theory and AdS/CFT correspondence, combinatorial structures, quantum entanglement, and applications to condensed matter physics.


International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics

July 1-4, 2008

Prague, Czech Republic

ISBIS-2008 is an international symposium sponsored by the International Society of Business and Industrial Statistics, focusing on quantitative aspects of Banking, Insurance and Finance, and important statistical issues relating to productivity improvement and decision-making at all levels of business and industry.

MCQMC 2008: Eighth International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing

July 6-11, 2008

Montreal, Canada

The MCQMC Conference is a biennial meeting devoted to the study of Monte Carlo (MC) and Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) methods, the relationships between the two classes of methods, and their effective application in different areas.

The 38th Saint-Flour Probability Summer School

July 6-19, 2008

Universite Blaise Pascal, Aubiere Cedex, France

This year, the three courses will be R. Kenyon: "Dimers and random surfaces", V. Koltchinskii: "Oracle inequalities in empirical risk minimization and sparse recovery problems", Y. Le Jan: "Markovian paths, loops and fields".

International Workshop in Applied Probability 2008 (IWAP 2008)

July 7-10, 2008

Universite Technologie de Compiegne (UTC), Compiegne, France

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Joseph Glaz, University of Connecticut

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

23th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM2008)

July 7-11, 2008

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Deadline for abstracts : 10 Febr. 2008. Final date for early registration: 14 April 2008.

School on Stochastic Geometry, the Stochastic Loewner Evolution, and Non-Equilibrium Growth Processes

July 7-18, 2008

Trieste, Italy

The discovery of the Stochastic Loewner Evolution (SLE) by Oded Schramm and the ensuing revitalization of 2D critical phenomena as a stochastic evolution of geometry has been the one of the most spectacular theoretical developments in recent years.The aim of this School is to provide an overview of these important and far-reaching recent developments by the leading experts in this field.

Nonparametric Bayes 2008

July 9, 2008

Helsinki, Finland

There have been several previous workshops on nonparametric Bayesian methods at machine learning conferences, including workshops at NIPS in 2003 and 2005 and a workshop at ICML workshop in 2006. This workshop aims to build on the success of these earlier workshops and to catalyze further research.

Symposium in honor of Kiyosi Itô: Stochastic Analysis and Its Impact in Mathematics and Science

July 10-11, 2008

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore

The objective of the symposium is to gather together leading mathematicians and scientists to deliver expository lectures on Itô's work, the historical development of stochastic analysis, and the influence and impact of stochastic analysis in various branches of mathematics and science. It will be aimed at mathematicians and scientists in general.

The XXIVth International Biometric Conference (IBC2008)

July 13-18, 2008

University College, Dublin (Ireland)

An invited session typically brings together a set of speakers (and possibly discussants) to describe the latest research in an area of statistical theory or application, and make it accessible to a non-expert audience. We encourage topics addressing a wide variety of emerging issues in biological sciences and life sciences.

Integrating Computing into the Statistics Curricula

July 14-17, 2008

Berkeley, California

This workshop will be a hands-on program for faculty interested in innovating statistics courses and curricula to better prepare statistics students to engage in creative statistical practice in today's dynamic, data-rich scientific environment.

Efficient Monte Carlo: From Variance Reduction to Combinatorial Optimization

July 14-18, 2008

Sandbjerg, Denmark

Conference on the occasion of Reuven Y. Rubinstein's 70 birthday.

International Conference on Statistical Physics (SigmaPhi2008)

July 14-18, 2008

Crete, Greece

The conference will be organized in sessions dealing with general aspects and fundamental problems of statistical physics.

2008 IMS Annual Meeting/7th Bernoulli World Congress

July 14-19, 2008


Local Chair: Louis Chen

(IMS sponsored meeting)

LASR 2008 - The Art and Science of Statistical Bioinformatics

July 15-17, 2008

Leeds, U.K.

The 2008 Leeds Annual Statistical Research Workshop will focus on developments in interdisciplinary statistics and in particular the interface between statistical methodology and bioinformatics.

9th World Meeting

July 21-25, 2008

Hamilton Island, Australia

This conferences has become one of the premier events in Bayesian statistics. ISBA 2008 will broadly follow the tradition of these meetings, combining an excellent scientific programme that includes 5 keynote speakers, 90 oral presentations run over 3 parallel sessions and two poster evenings, with an active social schedule aimed at allowing delegates time to explore this beautiful location.

17th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, IWMS-08

July 23-26, 2008

Tomar, Portugal

In Honor of Professor T.W. Anderson's 90th Birthday.

Current Trends and Challenges in Model Selection and Related Areas

July 24-26, 2008

University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

The workshop will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of current trends and challenging problems in model selection and related shrinkage methods.

Mathematical Horizons for Quantum Physics

July 28 - September 21, 2008

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore

The Programme will consist of four overlapping three-week Sessions, each devoted to a selected topic.

Eleventh Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability

July 29 - August 2, 2008

Denver, CO, USA

Local chair: Ryan Elmore

(IMS sponsored meeting)

International Conference on Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems

July 29 - August 2, 2008

University of Camerino, Italy

Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems covers a wide range of physical states that are many-body systems characterised by strong long-ranged interactions.


NISS/ASA Writing Workshop for Junior Researchers

August 3-6, 2008

Denver, Colorado, USA

Applications are due by June 1, 2008, and successful applicants will be notified by June 30. Applications received after June 1 will be considered if space is available. There is no fee for participation.

Joint Statistical Meetings

August 3-7, 2008

Denver Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

(IMS sponsored meeting)


XIIth Brazilian School of Probability (Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade)

August 3-9, 2008

Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Stochastic Differential Equation Models with Applications to the Insulin-Glucose System and Neuronal Modeling

August 3-16, 2008

Middelfart, Denmark

Organizers: Susanne Ditlevsen and Michael Sørensen.

Stochastic Loewner Evolution and Scaling Limits

August 4–9, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

Among the topics to be treated in this workshop are: SLE and its Extensions, Critical and Near-Critical Scaling Limits, Gaussian Free Field, Coulomb Gas Methods, Relation to Conformal Field Theory and Quantum Gravity.

Malliavin Calculus and its Applications

August 7-12, 2008

Kent State University, Ohio, USA

This conference will follow CBMS guidelines, with the main speaker, DAVID NUALART, delivering a series of 10 lectures. Each of the first 5 days there will be three lectures, two from Professor Nualart's series plus another lecture by an invited speaker; this will leave plenty of time for interaction between the participants. The sixth day will be dedicated to contributed talks by other attendees. In addition, there will be a poster session where Ph.D. students and young investigators are encouraged to present their work.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

ISCB-29 – International Society for Clinical Biostatistics

August 17-21, 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

The 29th Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics in Copenhagen, Denmark will provide a forum for the international exchange of theory, methods and applications of biostatistics in medical research and practice among clinicians, statisticians and members of other disciplines, such as epidemiologists, clinical chemists and clinical pharmacologists, working or interested in the field of clinical biostatistics.

Laplacian Growth and Related Topics

August 18–23, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

This workshop is devoted to mathematical aspects of Laplacian Growth. A broad class of non-equilibrium growth processes have a common law: the normal velocity of the growing boundary of a region is proportional to the gradient of a harmonic field on the exterior. This type of growth (called Laplacian growth) is unstable for nearly all initial configurations. Instabilities develop into fractal singular patterns. Similar instabilities occur in the hydrodynamics of immiscible fluids.

Random Matrices, Related Topics and Applications

August 25–30, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

This workshop will focus on recent advances in the asymptotic spectral theory of random matrices, connections with (multi-)orthogonal polynomials, combinatorics and moduli space theory of Riemann surfaces, algebraic geometry, theory of isomonodromic deformations, number theory and Dyson processes.

Sample Surverys and Bayesian Statistics

August 26-29, 2008

Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute, Hampshire, UK

The aim of this meeting is to highlight the potential advantages of Bayesian methodology and discuss and illustrate its possible applications in diverse areas of sample survey design and inference.


2008 International Conference of the Royal Statistical Society

September 1-5, 2008

East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham UK

RSS 2008 will be a general conference with a scientific programme aiming to encompass the range of statistical interests within the Society and beyond. The programme will include a broad range of special topics sessions with invited speakers from both the UK and overseas. There will also be a special programme of events for young statisticians, both on the pre-conference day and as part of the main conference. And a full and lively programme of social events. The deadline for abstract submissions is 31 March

Random Tilings, Random Partitions and Stochastic Growth Processes

September 1–6, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

Organizers: J. Baik (Michigan), A. Borodin (Toronto), B. Nienhuis (Amsterdam), N. Reshetikhin (Berkeley), H. Spohn (TU München)

ICORS 2008 (International Conference On Robust Statistics 2008)

September 8-12, 2008

Antalya, Turkey

The objective of the conference is to bring together both established and young researchers from around the world who are actively working on and/or interested in the theory, application and overall development of robust statistics and related fields. The conference provides a forum for leading experts and young researchers to discuss recent progress in the field, to exchange ideas, and to make informal contacts.

First Summer School on Copulas

September 17-19, 2008

Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

This Summer School aims at providing a meeting point for exchanging ideas and presenting new directions on the theory of copulas and related applications. Keynote speakers for this edition of the Summer School are: C. Klüppelberg and L. Rüschendorf.

Fifth Colloquium on Mathematics and Computer Science

September 22-26, 2008

Blaubeuren, Germany

These meetings aim at creating a forum for researchers working on the closely related domains of probabilities, trees, algorithms and combinatorics. Basic data structures of Computer Science, such as trees or graphs, can, and should, be studied from several points of view: as the data structure underlying some algorithms, or as a combinatorial or probabilistic object.

2nd Annual Conference in Quantitative Genomics

September 23-25, 2008

Boston, Massachusetts

The goal of the 2008 conference, "Emerging Quantitative Issues in Parallel Sequencing (EQuIP-Seq)" is to examine the interplay between emerging sequencing technologies, basic and population sciences, and data analysis methods. It seeks to engage geneticists, computational biologists, and statisticians, in discussions of technology, data, analysis and applications of massively parallel sequencing.

Fourth International Longevity Risk and Capital Markets Solutions Conference

September 25, 2008


We are inviting academics to submit papers in all areas relating to longevity risk and capital markets solutions. All papers will be submitted electronically to The deadline for paper submission is 31st March 2008 and decisions will be communicated to authors by the end of April when the formal programme for the conference will be announced. Jointly authored papers should be submitted by the person who will present the paper, if it is accepted.

Quintessential Contributions: Celebrating Major Birthdays of Statistical Ideas and Their Inventors

September 27, 2008

Radcliffe Gym, 18 Mason Street, Cambridge, MA

Address inquiries to:

Quantum Many-Body Systems, Bose-Einstein Condensation

September 29 - October 4, 2008

Montreal, Quebec

The workshop will bring together experts with different backgrounds to review the current status of mathematical results in the field and to discuss new developments where a mathematical approach is potentially fruitful.


Conference for Women in Probability

October 5-7, 2008

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

IMS Reps: Lea Popovic, Amber Puha, Rick Durrett

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Fall Conference on Statistics in Biology

October 13-15, 2008

Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Winemiller 2008 Conference on Survival Analysis and Its Applications

October 16-18, 2008

Columbia, Missouri, USA

This workshop is aimed to provide an opportunity to bring both senior and junior researchers together to discuss recent advancements and issues in survival analysis with the focus on its applications in various fields including biology, economics, finance, medical studies, psychology and public health.

16th Merck-Temple Conference

October 17, 2008

Philadelphia, PA

Research topics in biopharmaceutical statistics

Thirtieth Midwest Probability Colloquium

October 24-25, 2008

Northwestern University

The program was organized by a committee consisting of Ananda Weerasinghe, Julien Dubedat, and Joseph Quinn(chair)


27th Annual Conference on Multivariate Statistical Analysis (MSA'08)

November 3-5, 2008

Lodz, Poland

Organizer: Chair of Statistical Methods, University of Lodz
Chair: Czeslaw Domanski

ISNI2008: International Seminar on Nonparametric Inference

November 5-7th 2008

Vigo, Spain

Seventeen invited talks given by leading researchers in several areas of nonparametric statistics: Peter Hall, Jianqin Fan, Hans-Georg Mueller, Winfried Stute, Gabor Lugosi, Geert Molenberghs, Stefan Sperlich, Holger Dette, Natalie Neumeyer, Gerda Claeskens, Juan Carlos Pardo-Fernández, Anestis Antoniadis, Jan Swanepoel, Philippe Vieu, Anthony Davison, Lutz Duembgen, and Jean Opsomer. Contributed papers are welcome. The Journal of Nonparametric Statistics will devote a special issue with contributions to the meeting

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

International Workshop on "Flexible Modelling: Smoothing and Robustness"(FMSR 2008)

November 12-14, 2008

Leuven, Belgium

The general theme of the workshop is semi- and nonparametric analysis and robust statistical methods. More specific themes are, among others, flexible smoothing and penalization, model selection, nonparametric functional estimation, modelling dependencies and inference for copulas, robust multivariate outlier detection, semi- and nonparametric methods in time-series analysis. There will be invited talks, contributed talks and poster sessions. The workshop will be followed by a short course for PhD-students. List of Invited Speakers: Anestis Antoniadis, Graciela Boente, Jianqing Fan, Peter Hall, Xuming He, Bruno Rémillard, Qiwei Yao, Bernard Silverman.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Seventh Northeast Probability Seminar

November 20-21, 2008

The Courant Institute, New York University, New York, NY

The NSF grant allows us to offer some financial support to participants from US Universities. We will give preference to graduate students, postdocs, women and minorities, and junior faculty.

Statistical Regularization and Qualitative Constraints: Inference Algorithms, Asymptotics and Applications

November 20-22 2008

University of Göttingen, Germany

The scope of this conference is to bring in contact international researchers with interests in statistical regularization and the members of the newly founded German-Swiss (DFG-SNF) research group FOR916, in order to initiate scientific exchange between the group and the community.

Lectures on Probability and Stochastic Processes (LPS)

November 20-24 2008

Kolkata, India

There is a huge potential of Probability Theory in solving problems from diverse scientific fields such as Statistical Physics, Networking and Electrical Engineering, Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Genetics, and Computer Science. The workshop tries also to invite people from these fields to initiate fruitful interdisciplinary research work, which can have practical applications outside the domain of Probability Theory.


YEQT-II (Young European Queueing Theorists) Stochastic analysis of modern communication networks

December 1–3, 2008

Eurandom, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Many young researchers working in the field will present their own recent work, and a few leading senior researchers will deliver key note lectures and tutorials.

2008 International Conference on Applied Probability and Statistics (CAPS 2008)

December 1-3, 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam

This Conference aims to promote practical applications of probability and statistics, particularly in business and industry, and to strengthen international relations among researchers in these areas. Contributed papers to the Conference can be on Applied Probability or any area of Statistics. The Conference will be of interest both to researchers and to practitioners from business and industry.

Sparsity and Inverse Problems in Statistical Theory and Econometrics

December 5-6, 2008

Berlin, Germany

The workshop will cover different aspects of sparse model and regulation in mathematical statistics, and, in particular, with respect to econometric theory.

64th Annual Deming Conference on Applied Statistics

December 8-12, 2008

Tropicana Casino Resort, Atlantic City, NJ

The purpose of the three-day Deming Conference on Applied Statistics and the following two parallel two-day short courses is to provide a learning experience on recent developments in statistical methodologies. The conference is composed of twelve three-hour tutorials on current statistical topics of interest. Recognized experts in the field of applied statistics will be invited to give the lectures and short courses based on their recently published books.

International Workshop on Business Data Mining

December 21–27, 2008

Rao Advanced Institute, Hyderabad, India

For details, contact S.B. Rao: or C.R. Rao:

International Conference on Business Data Mining

December December 27–30, 2008

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India

For details, contact S.B. Rao: or C.R. Rao:

VI International Symposium on Optimization and Statistics(ISOS-2008)

December 29-31, 2008

Department of Statistics and Operations Research Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India

The aim of holding of the symposium is to disseminate and highlight the current researches in all the branches of Statistics and Operations Research.