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2007 Meetings Around the World

IMS Annual Meeting

IMS Annual Meeting/ Joint Statistical Meetings

July 29 - August 2, 2007

Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

IMS Program Co-chairs: Tony Cai and Mark Low

(IMS sponsored meeting)



University of Florida Ninth Annual Winter Workshop: Emerging Methods in Environmental Statistics

January 12-13, 2007

Gainesville, Florida

The workshop is dedicated to exploring emerging statistical methods for analyzing and interpreting data related to pressing environmental problems.

The fourth meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Region of theInternational Biometric Society (EMR-IBS)

January 23-25, 2007

Hilton Hotel, Eilat, Israel

The website provides further details about the conference and a mechanism for submitting abstracts. We welcome abstracts in all areas of biometrics.

Inhomogeneous Random Systems

January 23-24, 2007

Institut Henri Poincare, Paris

The aim of this annual workshop is to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on disordered or random systems, and to discuss recent developments on themes of common interest.


Southern California Probability Symposium

February 11, 2007

University of Southern California

Held in memory of Ted Harris, including a special lunch event.

Workshop on Statistical Extremes and Environmental Risk

February 15-17, 2007

Lisbon, Portugal

Contact: M. Isabel Fraga Alves

Latin American Congress of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

February 25 - March 3, 2007

Lima, Peru

Program Chair: Antonio Galves
IMS Chairs: Thomas Kurtz & Alicia Carriquiry

(IMS sponsored meeting)


ENAR/IMS Spring Meeting

March 11-14, 2007

Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, Georgia

IMS Program Chair: David Banks

(IMS sponsored meeting)

Seminar on Stochastic Processes 2007

March 15-17, 2007

Fields Institute, Toronto

Afternoons will be devoted to short talks and informal presentations. Information for those who wish to arrange in advance to give such a presentation will soon be available on the conference webpage.

Karl Pearson Sesquicentenary Conference

March 23, 2007

Royal Statistical Society, London

A one day conference to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Victorian mathematician, Karl Pearson (1857-1936) who established the discipline of mathematical statistics.

A workshop on smoothing-based and Gaussian-process based methods for non-parametric regression in environmental problems

March 26-30, 2007

International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), Edinburgh, Scotland

The scientific advisory group comprises Marian Scott, Adrian Bowman, Clive Anderson, Richard Smith, Feridun Turkman, Vic Barnett and Ron Smith. he workshop will be primarily by invitation and limited to 35 participants.

Statistik unter einem Dach / Statistics under one roof

March 27-30, 2007

Bielfeld, Germany

Major themes in 2007 are Statistical Methods of Bioinformatics, Survival Analysis, Time Series, Graphical Models, Analysis of Panel Data, Analysis of Space-Time Data, and much more.


Computational Intelligence, Statistics, and Data Mining in Earth Science

April 1-5, 2007

Honolulu, HI

The intent of this special session is to solicit, show-case, and discuss recent developments in computational technologies, statistics and data mining that contribute to scientific understanding from massive Earth science data sets.

First Graduate Student Conference in Probability

April 13-15, 2007

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The keynote speakers are Professors Tom Kurtz and Timo Seppalainen.

Mathematical Methodologies for Operational Risk

April 16-18, 2007

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In this workshop the committee has decided to deliberately mix together scientists from overall risk methodology, financial risk, general reliability and software reliability. The overall theme is risk metrics and measurement and we trust that common ground can be found.

Twenty First New England Statistics Symposium

April 21, 2007

Storrs, Connecticut

Our purpose is to bring together statisticians from all over New England at a central location. The symposium provides a unique opportunity for statisticians working in academic institutions, government agencies and industry to exchange ideas on latest advances in research and technology. Special effort will be made to attract graduate students and young researchers to attend this symposium and present a paper in one of the contributed sessions.


Asymptotic properties of the Green distance on discrete groups

May 1, 2007

Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Stochastics and Optimization Group organises the Stochastics Colloquium, which is a seminar for talks in probability and mathematical statistics.

Application of random matrices: theory and methods

May 7-9, 2007

Boulder, Colorado,

This particular workshop is designed to bring together researchers in the geosciences, statisticians and applied mathematicians to understand the scientific and data issues connected with the application of random matrices to geophysical problems and to suggest new methods for representing geophysical processes.

Third Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods

May 13-14, 2007


This workshop is intended to provide a forum for the presentation of recent developments in the efficient design, theoretical analysis, and novel application of Monte Carlo methods, with an emphasis on their relevance to bioinformatics, engineering, and statistics.

The Third Erich L. Lehmann Symposium

May 16-19, 2007

Rice University, Houston, Texas

Please email questions to Javier Rojo – Organizer and Chair,

Fifth Statistical Congress of Turkey

May 20-24, 2007

Antalya, Turkey

The fifteenth meeting of the AiOs (PhD students) in Stochastics in the Netherlands will take place from 7 - 9 May 2007. This meeting is organized by the AiO Network Stochastics and is supported by the research schools MRI and Stieltjes Institute.

Application of statistics to numerical models: new methods and case studies

May 21-24, 2007

Boulder, Colorado

This workshop will highlight the application of design and analysis of computer experiments (DACE) to substantial numerical models for important geophysical processes.

3rd National Conference on Statistical Sciences

May 21-22, 2007

Lahore, Pakistan

There will also be a "Post-Conference Workshop on Recent Developments in Statistics" on May 23-24, 2007.

Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and Technology

May 21-23, 2007

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Conference goals are the encouragement and dissemination of statistical research pertaining to problems that arise in industry and technology.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Summer School in "Advanced Nonparametric Statistics"

May 21-24, 2007

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Organised by the Graduate School in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences of the Belgian French Speaking Community at the Institut de statistique, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations

May 21-25, 2007

University of Iowa

Roland Glowinski, lecturer
Kendall E. Atkisnon , Weimin Han , Laurent O. Jay, Brian E. Moore, Suely Oliveira, and David Stewart, organizers

Conference on Inverse Problems in Stochastic Differential Equations

May 22-26, 2007

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

The purpose of the conference is to bring together the researches working in several areas of statistics and stochastic analysis and to promote new developments in the intersection of these areas.

Interface 2007

May 23 - 26, 2007

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The general theme of Interface 2007 will be Systems Biology. For more information, please contact Alan J. Izenman, Department of Statistics, Speakman Hall, 1810 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6083, (215) 204-8166,

The 13th International Conference on Random Structures and Algorithms

May 28-June 1, 2007

Tel Aviv, Israel

The conference is organized jointly by the Schools of Mathematical Sciences and of Computer Science, Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

XII International Conference on Applied Stochastic Models and Data Ananlysis

May 29 - June 1, 2007

Chania, Crete, Greece

University of Waterloo Anniversary Conference

May 30-June 1, 2007

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

he conference theme is Statistical Science: Present Position and Future Prospects, and it will feature talks by prominent graduates of the Department.


16th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics

June 1-3, 2007

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

George P. H. Styan

(IMS Co-sponsored meeting)

Workshop on Random Matrices at Cornell University

June 2-5, 2007

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Those who wish to attend should send an email message to and, which explains why they would benefit from attending, includes the name of their thesis advisor or postdoctoral mentor, and has a CV attached.

DYNSTOCH+ workshop on Statistics for Stochastic Processes

June 7-9, 2007


The sixth International Workshop on "OBJECTIVE BAYESIAN ANALYSIS"

June 9-12, 2007

Università "La Sapienza" Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 Roma - ITALY

The workshop will consist of a series of invited talks followed by a discussion and one or more sessions dedicated to contributed posters.

Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada

June 10-13, 2007

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Statistics for Biomolecular Data Integration and Modeling

June 10-15, 2007

Ascona, Switzerland

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together participants from statistics, computational science, bioinformatics and biology, and to encourage interaction.

Modern Perspectives on Quantitative Financial Modeling

June 11-13, 2007

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

This exceptional three-day program brings together leading Wall Street practitioners and members of the Harvard community (including from the Statistics faculty and the Harvard Management Company) to address the theory and practice of quantitative modeling in today's financial markets.

Ordered Statistical Data & Inequalities: Theory & Applications

June 12-14, 2007

University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

The conference on Ordered Statistical Data is an international annual conference. It aims at creating a stimulating atmosphere for researchers in the area by fostering research, discussion, and exchange of ideas on statistical work on ordered data.

Graybill Conference VI 2007

June 12-15, 2007

Fort Collins, Colorado

Graybill VI will bring together leading researchers in the fields of applied probability, time series, and computational biology as well as young investigators and graduate students interested in these areas. In addition to the approximately 30 invited talks there will be poster sessions for bioinformatics/computational biology, applied probability, and time series and a limited number of contributed talks in applied probability and time series.

Fifth Workshop on Bayesian Inference in Stochastic Processes

June 14-16, 2007

València, Spain

The workshop is aimed to encourage discussion and promote further research in the field of Bayesian inference in stochastic processes and on the use of stochastic processes for Bayesian inference.

Skorokhod Space. 50 years on

June 17-23, 2007

Kyiv, Ukraine

The aim of the conference is to provide the scientists from different countries with the possibility to analyze the results of their recent investigations and to discuss the new trends in the fields founded by A.V.Skorokhod about 50 years ago.

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

3rd Cornell Probability Summer School

June 17-30, 2007

Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

Workshop on "Random Polymers"

June 18-22, 2007

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This workshop is designed to review recent progress in the study of polymers. The emphasis will be on their rigorous mathematical treatment. The workshop is intended to bring together researchers in probability theory, combinatorics and statistical physics.

Computational and Statistical Aspects of Microarray Analysis

June 18-22, 2007

Brixen, Italy

This 5 days lecture series provides an introduction to genomic data and their interpretation. The main focus will be on microarray experiments, covering statistical topics such as preprocessing, normalization, quality assessment, gene identification, machine learning and inference for graphs and networks.

Taipei International Statistical Symposium and ICSA International Conference

June 25-27, 2007

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Contact Info: Dr Chi-Lun Cheng, email:

2007 WNAR/IMS Western Regional Meeting

June 25-28, 2007

Irvine, CA, USA

IMS Program Chair: TBA

(IMS sponsored meeting)

International Workshop on "New Directions in Monte Carlo Methods"

June 25-29, 2007

Fleurance, France

The Workshop will cover both Monte Carlo methodologies and applications. It will focus on adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, population Monte Carlo algorithms, and on machine learning strategies on which the on-line optimisation of Monte Carlo algorithms heavily rely.


PCMI 2007

July 1-21, 2007

Park City, Utah

Statistical Analysis with Missing Data

July 2-5, 2007

Barcelona, Spain

Course 1 (2 and 3 July): "Statistical Analysis with Incomplete Data"
Course 2 (4 July): "Software for Incomplete Data Analysis"
Course 3 (5 July): "Development and Application of a State-of-the-Art Multiple Imputation Routine, and its Evaluation in a Real World Example"

International Workshop on Statistical Modelling

July 2-6, 2007

Barcelona, Spain

For this workshop, submissions are especially encouraged in the following areas: Statistics in Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Agriculture, Compositional Data Analysis, Interval Censoring, Latent Variable Models, modern Bayesian Methods, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Small Area Estimation and Mixed Effects models. However, more general papers that illustrate several statistical responses to modern issues are also encouraged.

LASR 2007 - Systems Biology & Statistical Bioinformatics

July 4-6, 2007

Leeds, U.K.

Contact: Stuart Barber,
The 2007 Leeds Annual Statistical Research Workshop will focus on developments in interdisciplinary statistics and in particular the interface between statistical methodology and bioinformatics.

Fluctuations and Scaling in Materials

July 4-7, 2007


The aim of this satellite meeting to Statphys 23 is to bring together theorists and experimentalists working in phenomena of relevance for the statistical mechanics community, having their roots in materials science.

37th Saint-Flour Probability Summer School

July 8-21, 2007


This year, the three courses will be
J. Buzzi: "Hyperbolicity through entropies for dynamical systems"
F. den Hollander: "Random polymers"
J. Mattingly: "Ergodicity of stochastic partial differential equations"

MCP 2007 Vienna

July 9-11, 2007

Vienna, Austria

The conference intends to bring statisticians from academy, industry and regulatory agencies together to present new research findings in multiple testing.

Applied Probability INFORMS Conference

July 9-11, 2007

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Local organiser: Onno Boxma,
IMS Representative(s): R. Atar, B.D. Choi, D. Denteneer, P. Dupuis, P. Glynn, G. Grimmett, I. Kaj, O. Kella, T. Mikosch, I. Norros, W. Schoutens, H. Schmidli, A. Zeevi

XXIII IUPAP International Conference on Statistical Physics (STATPHYS 23)

July 9-13, 2007

Genova, Italy

The series of Conferences STATPHYS take place every three years in a different continent to give the maximum international relevance and visibility to the event. It is the world event for the broad field of Statistical Physics and all its interdisciplinary developments.

Workshop in Analysis and Probability

July 9-13, 2007

Texas A&M, Texas

Graduate Summer School: Probabilistic Models of Cognition: The Mathematics of Mind

July 9-27, 2007

Los Angeles, California

The goal is to develop a common mathematical framework for all aspects of cognition, and review how it explains empirical phenomena in the major areas of cognitive science - including vision, memory, reasoning, learning, planning, and language.

Sixth International Conference on Lattice Path Combinatorics and Applications

July 12-14, 2007

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee

This conference will follow in the tradition of earlier conferences held at Hamilton (Canada), New Delhi (India), Vienna (Austria), and Athens (Greece). Invited tutorial talks will be given by G. Andrews, A. Kemp, I. Gessell, and W. Bohm.

Statistical physics of social dynamics: opinions, semiotic dynamics, language

July 14-19 2007

Erice (Sicily)

The conference will specifically focus on three major research lines, i.e. opinion dynamics, dynamics in human language and the statistical physics of language dynamics.

Stochastic processes: Theory and Applications, onoccasion of the 65th birthday of Professor Wolfgang Runggaldier

July 16-20, 2007

Bressanone, Italy

The conference focuses on forty years of scientific activity of Professor Runggaldier and its aim is to bring together the people of the scientific and industrial world with whom he has cooperated during this time.

First International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies 2007

July 22-25, 2007

Auburn University, Alabama, U.S.A.

IWSM2007 will include four plenary lectures and a number of specially arranged invited paper sessions. The plenary lectures will discuss topics such as adaptive designs of clinical trials, applications in finance, engineering, and health sciences, multivariate sequential process control, and sequential selection.

5th Conference on Extreme Value Analysis

July 23–27, 2007

Bern, Switzerland

It is the aim of the conference to bring together a wide range of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students whose work is related to the analysis of extreme values in a wide sense.

Tenth Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability

July 24-28, 2007

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Chairs - Mayetri Gupta and Xiaoming Sheng

(IMS sponsored meeting)

IMS Annual Meeting/ Joint Statistical Meetings

July 29 - August 2, 2007

Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

IMS Program Co-chairs: Tony Cai and Mark Low

(IMS sponsored meeting)


South West and South Wales Regional Probability Meeting

July 31, 2007

University of Bath, UK

In addition to an excellent line up of speakers, we hope this one day probability meeting will help to strengthen links, stimulate further research and foster new collaborations amongst those working in probability within the region, including PhD students.


32nd Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications

August 5-11, 2007


Local organizer: Richard Sowers

(IMS co-sponsored meeting)

Pedagogical Utilization of SOCR and CAUSEweb Resources in Probability and Statistics Courses

August 6-8, 2007


This workshop will be of most value to AP teachers and college instructors of probability and statistics classes who have interests in exploring novel IT-based approaches for enhancing statistics education. The workshop will provide an interactive forum for exchange of ideas and recommendations for strategies to integrate computers, modern pedagogical approaches, the Internet and new student assessment techniques. Presenters

Construction and Properties of Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Models

August 6-10, 2007

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

If you are interested in NP Bayes, please consider joining the fun at this workshop. We have an exciting program shaping up. Please visit the workshop homepage to sign up on-line (by June 30).

Satellite Summer School on Levy Processes: Theory and Applications

August 9-12, 2007

Sandbjerg (Denmark)

International Conference on the Frontier of Statistics: High Dimensional Data Analysis

August 13-14, 2007

Yunnan University, Kunming, China

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Samuel Kou

The 5th International Conference on Levy Processes: Theory and Applications

August 13-17, 2007


International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics

August 18-20, 2007

The Azores Archipelago, Portugal

Sponsored by the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS), an official section of the International Statistical Institute. Contacts: Francisco Samaniego, Program Chair ( and Bovas Abraham, ISBIS President (

Satellite meeting of ISI 56th Session: "Advances in Semiparametric Methods and Applications"

August 20-21, 2007

ISEG (School of Economics and Management), Lisbon

The aim of this conference is to present the statistical and mathematical principles of smoothing with a focus on applicable techniques in fields like econometrics, time series, finance, environmental sciences, biometrics, spatial analysis, among others.

56th Session of the ISI

August 22-29, 2007

Lisbon, Portugal

ISI Sessions provide an opportunity for statisticians to attend scientific meetings focusing on their own speciality, and at the same time absorb new research in other statistical fields that may have unanticipated applications to one’s own speciality. Many have spoken of the ‘cross pollination’ of ideas that they have experienced during ISI Sessions.


August 30 - September 1, 2007

University of Aveiro, Portugal

The purpose of this meeting is to foster the interaction of researchers in the interface between computational statistics, data mining, knowledge discovery and statistical learning.

Innovative Methodologies for Censuses in the New Millennium

August 31 - September 2, 2007

University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

The aim of this meeting is to highlight and focus on the methodological advances that are taking place around the world, and raise awareness regarding best practices in census methodology.


Robust and Nonparametric Statistical Inference

September 1-6, 2007

Hejnice, Czech Republic

Biometrical Feature Identification and Analysis

September 6-8, 2007

Goettingen, Germany

This conference aims to bring key researchers from computational, statistical, numerical, physical and biological science and industry development together who work on diverse areas in the field of biometrical identification systems.

Sandpile models and related fields

September 10-13, 2007

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The aim of this workshop is to bring together senior and junior people involved in this relatively new area of research. We want to create communication and links between the different directions of research, notably between probability, physics, combinatorics and algebra.

European Young Statisticians Meeting (EYSM 2007)

September 10-14, 2007

Castro Urdiales, Spain

The aim is to provide a scientific forum for the next generation of European researchers in probability theory and statistics.

RSS 2007 Conference

September 10–14, 2007

Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

8th International Conference on Computer Data Analysis and Modelling: Stochastic Data and Systems

September 11-15, 2007

Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Organized by the Belarusian State University, the Belarusian Statistical Association, and the Vienna University of Technology.

The Pyrenees International workshop on Statistics, Probability and Operations Research (SPO 2007)

September 12-15, 2007

Jaca, Spain

The meeting features a school and a workshop in the fields of Statistics, Probability and Operations Research, introducing relevant topics and some of the most recent advances and prospective challenges of the fields with special emphasis on applications.

Kickoff Workshop

September 16 - 19, 2007

Research Triangle Park, NC

The principal goal will be to engage a broadly representative segment of the statistical, applied mathematical and decision analysis/ operations research communities in formulation and pursuit of specific research activities to be undertaken by the Program Working Groups. The application/registration deadline is August 16, 2007.

Algorithms in Complex Systems

September 24-26, 2007

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Algorithms play an important role in the analysis of complex systems. The practical implementation of any procedure almost always depends on fast, stable and accurate algorithms. The workshop will concentrate on algorithms in the areas of statistical analysis under (shape) constraints, Bayesian procedures, image analysis and machine learning and will cover the latest advances in linear and quadratic programming, constrained maximization, sparse systems, differential equations in image analysis and simulation techniques.

Structural Equation Models

September 24-28, 2007

Aussois, France

The ECAS courses are intended to achieve postgraduate training in special areas of statistics for both researchers and teachers at universities. Also professionals working in industry and interested in the application of new statistical methods are invited to participate.

International Workshop on spatiotemporal Modelling (MetMA3)

September 27–29, 2007

Pamplona, Spain


Risk: Perception, Policy and Practice Workshop

October 4-5, 2007

Research Triangle Park, NC

Young European statisticians Workshop (YES-I)

October 8-10, 2007

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Three well known researchers in the field (Lutz Duembgen, Guenther Walther and Jon A. Wellner) will give presentations focusing on asymptotics, algorithms and testing respectively. Moreover, young statisticians are encouraged to give a presentation themselves for the audience consisting of other young statisticians and senior researchers. There is no registration fee.

Conference on Emerging Design and Analysis Issues in Genomic Studies in Population Sciences

October 11-12, 2007

Harvard Medical Conference Center, Boston, MA, USA

The goal is to examine the interplay between emerging genomic technologies, population- based studies, and developing statistical and computational methods. Three important topics will be discussed: genome-wide association studies; gene-environment interactions; "omics" techniques in population sciences.

Current and Future Trends in Nonparametrics

October 11-12, 2007

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Statistical Methodology in Clinical R&D

October 17-19, 2007

Madrid, Spain

The workshop aims to provide the opportunity to listen to and interact with key opinion leaders and influential statisticians from regulatory agencies, academia and industry across a broad range of topics pertaining to Phase I – Phase IV clinical trials.

Queueing theory without limits: transient and asymptotic analysis

October 17-19, 2007

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Queueing theory studies systems which require customers or objects to wait. It is among its most important objectives to assess overall system performance, as well as the evolution of this performance over time. However, exact expressions for performance metrics often cannot be found. In such cases, one can resort to approximate or asymptotic methods. This workshop is devoted to the study of queues and stochastic networks, with special attention to both transient (time-dependent) analysis and asymptotic methods.

The Ninth Workshop on Case Studies of Bayesian Statistics

October 19-20, 2007

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

The Workshop will feature in-depth presentations and discussions of substantial applications of Bayesian statistics to problems in science and technology, poster presentations of contributed papers on applied Bayesian work and, new this year, contributed presentations by young researchers

Twenty-ninth Midwest Probability Colloquium

October 19-20, 2007

Northwestern University

The local organizer of this year's colloquium is Mark Pinsky (Northwestern University).

Interacting Particle Systems

October 22-23, 2007

Milan, Italy

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different mathematical communities (such as mathematical physics, probability and mathematical analysis) working on the topic of interacting particle systems; and lead them to a deeper understanding of the relationships between their different perspectives.

Fourth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS-4)

October 22-24, 2007

Beijing, China

Statistics Department 50th Anniversary Celebration & Symposium

October 26–27, 2007

Gutman Conference Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

For questions about the event, please e-mail, call Ellen Weene at 617-496-1402, or visit the web page.

"Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation" Workshop at IPAM

October 29, 2007

Los Angeles, California

The goal of this workshop is to inform the scientific community about the CDI program, with the aim of eliciting strong proposals involving mathematical scientists. This workshop will be focused on the "knowledge extraction" aspect of the CDI program.


Modern challenges of curve modelling: inverse problems and qualitative constraints

November 7-9, 2007

Bristol, UK

The scope of the workshop will be inverse problems (especially measurement errors) and curve estimation under qualitative constraints.

Fourteenth Annual CAP Workshop on Derivative Securities and Risk Management

November 9th, 2007

Columbia University, New York City, NY

For Inquiries: (Chris Heyde, Director of CAP) (Karl Sigman, Secretary of CAP)

First Arab Statistical Conference

November 12-13, 2007


The objectives are; to call on Arab Statisticians from government statistical agencies, Universities, International and regional organizations, policy makers and planners or any other users, to get together for the first time in the Arab world, to announce and emphasize the importance of good statistical work, and to point out the role of the National Statistical Organizations, and the need of Capacity building in statistics.

Stochastics Meeting Lunteren 2007

November 12-14, 2007

Lunteren, The Netherlands

Six invited speakers will give two lectures of one hour each on topics in Statistics or Probability. The lectures are open to anyone who is interested.

Sixth Northeast Probability Seminar

November 15-16, 2007

Segal Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY

The invited speakers are: 1) Martin Barlow (University of British Columbia)
2) Mireille Bousquet-Melou (Universite Bordeaux)
3) Thomas Liggett (UCLA)
4) Jonathan Mattingly (Duke University).

60th Midwest PDE Seminar

November 17-18, 2007

Evanston, Illinois

Oberwolfach Seminar: Enumerative Combinatorics and Integrable Models of Statistical Mechanics

November 18-24, 2007


Organizers: Christian Krattenthaler, Wien Philippe Di Francesco, Gif-Sur-Yvette


Deming Conference on Applied Statistics

December 3-7, 2007

Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey

The purpose of the three-day Deming Conference on Applied Statistics and the following two parallel two-day short courses is to provide a learning experience on recent developments in statistical methodologies.


December 10-14, 2007

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

The BioInfoSummer Symposium comprises both a research meeting in bioinformatics, and a summer school, aimed at promoting bioinformatics as an interdisciplinary research area to interested researchers and students

98th Statistical Mechanics Conference

December 16-18, 2007

Rutgers University

At this meeting we will honor some of our outstanding experimental colleagues, Guenter Ahlers, Herman Cummins, Jerry Gollub, Anneke Sengers, and Harry Swinney. You can get updated additional information at:

Instructional Workshop in Bioinformatics

December 16-19, 2007

Hyderabad, India

Organized by SLS and CMSD of the University of Hyderabad and C.R.Rao Advanced Institute for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

Finite Morse Index Solutions and Related Topics

December 16-20, 2007

University of Texas at San Antonio

E. N. Dancer, lecturer
Shair Ahmad, organizer,

International conference on Bioinformatics

December 20-22, 2007

Hyderabad, India

Organized by SLS and CMSD of the University of Hyderabad and C.R.Rao Advanced Institute for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

International Conference on Multiple Decisions and Related Topics in Honor of D.Y. Huang

December 28-30, 2007

Contact Info: Prof. Ming-Chung Yang,
Prof. Sheng-Tsaing Tseng,
Prof. Fu-Chuen Chang,

Workshop on Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics and Geometry

December 29-30, 2007

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan

The aim of this workshop is to examine and evaluate teaching methods-say traditional or innovative and to suggest some modifications in the delivery of knowledge.