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SPECIAL VOLUME - Call for papers
Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2016

Proceedings of XIII Brazilian Meeting on Bayesian Statistics to be published at Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics seeks high quality research papers in applied or theoretical probability and stochastic processes. (Read more...)

Probabilistic models for the (sub)Tree(s) of Life

Amaury Lambert

Statistical inference for the parameter of Lindley distribution based on fuzzy data

Abbas Pak

A New Lifetime Model with Variable Shapes for the Hazard Rate

Ahmed Z. Afify, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Edwin M.M. Ortega, and Adriano K. Suzuki

Bias Correction in Power Series Generalized Nonlinear Models

Audrey Helen Mariz de Aquino Cysneiros, Priscila Gonçalves Silva, and Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro

A note on curvature influence diagnostics in elliptical regression models

Mauricio Zevallos and Luiz Koodi Hotta

A Brief Tutorial on Transformation Based Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Optimal Scaling of the Additive Transformation

Kushal Kr. Dey and Sourabh Bhattacharya

Bayesian analysis of flexible measurement error models

Luz Marina Rondon and Heleno Bolfarine

Boosting, Downsizing and Optimality of Test Functions of Markov Chains

Thomas Richard Boucher

Second-order Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model

Daiane Aparecida Zuanetti and Luis Aparecido Milan

Effects of prior distributions: An application to piped water demand

Andrés Ramírez Hassan and Luis Pericchi

Weighted Weibull Distribution: Bivariate and Multivariate Cases

Dhaif Al-Mutairi, Muhammad Ghitany, and Debasis Kundu

Improved estimation in a general multivariate elliptical model

Tatiane F.N. Melo, Silvia L.P. Ferrari, and Alexandre G. Patriota

Improved inference for the generalized Pareto distribution

Juliana Freitas Pires, Audrey Helen Mariz de Aquino Cysneiros, and Francisco Cribari-Neto

Nonlinear Measurement Errors Models Subject to Partial Linear Additive Distortion

Jun Zhang, Qian Chen, Tianyue Chu, and Nanguang Zhou

On the exit time from an orthant for badly oriented random walks

Rodolphe Garbit

Noise-Indicator non-negative integer-valued autoregressive time series of the first order

Vladica Stamen Stojanović, Dragan Randjelović, and Kristijan Kuk

Hölderian weak invariance principle under the Maxwell and Woodroofe condition

Davide Giraudo

Abrupt convergence for a family of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes

Gerardo Barrera Vargas

A Skellam Garch Model

Ghadah Abdul Rahman Alomani, Abdulhamid Abdullah Alzaid, and Maha Ahmad Omair

Truncated Sequential Monte Carlo Test with Exact Power

Ivair Ramos Silva and Renato Martins Assunção

Bayesian Analysis of Multiple-Inflation Poisson Models and Its Application to Infection Data

Duchwan Ryu, Devrim Bilgili, Onder Ergonul, and Nader Ebrahimi

Poisson-Lindley INAR(1) Model with Applications

Hassan S Bakouch, Mehrnaz M. Mohammadpour, M. Shirozhanz

Finite-size corrections to the speed of a branching-selection process

Francis Comets and Aser Cortines

The exponentiated logarithmic generated family of distributions and the evaluation of the confidence intervals by percentile bootstrap

Marcelo Bourguignon, Pedro Rafael Marinho, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Fernando Ramírez, and Morad Alizadeh

Note on the number of categories when sampling from a multivariate hypergeometric population

Sungsu Kim and Chong Jin Park

Mixture models applied to heterogeneous populations

Carolina V. Cavalcante and Kelly C. M. Gonçalves

Identifiability of Structural Characteristics: How relevant is in the Bayesian Approach?

Ernesto San Martin

Nonlinear filtering with correlated Levy noise characterized by copulas

Erika Hausenblas and Pani Batthista Fernando

Some unified results on stochastic properties of residual lifetimes at random times

Neeraj Misra and Sameen Naqvi

Products of normal, beta and gamma random variables: Stein operators and distributional theory

Robert Edward Gaunt

Improving mean estimation in ranked set sampling using the Rao regression-type estimator

Elvira Pelle and Pier Francesco Perri

A large class of new bivariate copulas and their properties

Zahra Sharifonnasabi, Mohammad Hossein Alamatsaz, and Iraj Kazemi

Diagnostics analysis for skew-normal linear regression models: applications to a quality of life dataset

Clécio da Silva Ferreira, Filidor Vilca, and Heleno Bolfarine

Parameter estimation for discretely observed non-ergodic fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes of the second kind

Khalifa Es-Sebaiy, Brahim El Onsy, and Djibril Ndiaye

A Bayesian approach to errors-in-variables beta regression

Jorge Figueroa-Zúñiga, Jalmar Carrasco, Reinaldo Arellano-Valle, and Silvia Ferrari

Sums of Possibly Associated Multivariate Indicator Functions: The Conway-Maxwell-Multinomial Distribution

Joseph B. Kadane and Zhi Wang

A note on weak convergence results for uniform infinite causal triangulations

Anatoly Yambartsev

Semiparametric Quantile Estimation for Varying Coefficient Partially Linear Measurement Errors Models

Jun Zhang, Yan Zhou, Xia Cui, and Wangli Xu

Maxima of branching random walks with piecewise constant variance

Frédéric Ouimet

Weighted sampling without replacement

Anna Ben-Hamou, Yuval Peres, and Justin Salez

A survival model with Birnbaum–Saunders frailty for uncensored and censored cancer data

Jeremias Leão, Victor Leiva, Vera Tomazella, and Helton Saulo

Searching for the core variables in principal components analysis

Yanina Gimenez and Guido Giussani

Brazilian Network of PhDs Working with Probability and Statistics: how state network metrics impact in the proportion of CNPq's productivity research fellows by state

Raydonal Ospina, Luciano Digiampietri, Leandro Rêgo, Filipe Costa de Souza, and Jesús Mena-Chalco

Exit time for a reaction diffusion model (Case of one well potential)

Adrian Pablo Hinojosa

Dynamics & Sparsity in Latent Threshold Factor Models: A Study in Multivariate EEG Signal Processing

Mike West and Jouchi Nakajima

Comparing Consensus Monte Carlo Strategies for Distributed Bayesian Computation

Steven L Scott

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