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SPECIAL VOLUME - Call for papers
Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2016

Proceedings of XIII Brazilian Meeting on Bayesian Statistics to be published at Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics seeks high quality research papers in applied or theoretical probability and stochastic processes. (Read more...)

A Semiparametric Bayesian Model for Comparing DNA Copy Numbers

Luis Enrique Nieto-Barajas, Yuan Ji, and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani

The Extended Generalized Half-Normal Distribution

Jeniffer Duarte Sanchez, Wanessa da Luz Freitas, and Gauss Montinho Cordeiro

Bias-Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Parameters of the Complex Bingham Distribution

Luiz H. D. G. Araujo, Getúlio J. A. Amaral, Jorge T. M. Cruz, and Andrew T. A. Wood

The Cramer Condition for the Curie-Weiss Model of SOC

Matthias Gorny

Esscher-transformed Laplace distribution revisited

Tomasz J Kozubowski and Krzysztof Podgorski

Continuity results and estimates for the Lyapunov exponent of Brownian motion in stationary potential

Johannes Ruess

Statistical inference on restricted linear regression models with distortion measurement errors

Zhenghong Wei, Yongbin Fan, and Jun Zhang

On modelling asymmetric data using two--piece sinh-arcsinh distributions

Francisco Javier Rubio, Emmanuel O. Ogundimu, and Jane L. Hutton

Generalized backward stochastic variational inequalities driven by a fractional Brownian motion

Katarzyna Janczak Borkowska and Dariusz Borkowski

Multiple imputation of unordered categorical missing data: A comparison of the multivariate normal imputation and multiple imputation by chained equations

Innocent Karangwa, Danelle Kotze, and Renette Blignaut

A Bayesian semi-parametric approach to extreme regime identification

Fernando Ferraz do Nascimento, Dani Gamerman, and Richard Davis

A note on the asymptotic law of the histogram without continuity assumptions

Rémi Servien and Thomas Laloë

On Geometric Ergodicity of Additive and Multiplicative Transformation Based Markov Chain Monte Carlo in High Dimensions

Kushal Kr. Dey and Sourabh Bhattacharya

Wavelet Shrinkage for Regression Models with Random Design and Correlated Errors

Rogerio de Faria Porto, Pedro Alberto Morettin, Donald B. Percival, and Elisete da Conceição Quintaneiro Aubin

Spatiotemporal dynamic model and parallelized ensemble Kalman filter for precipitation data

Saba Rafael Infante

On the powers of polynomial logistic distributions

Sofiya Ostrovska

Consistency of hyper-g-prior-based Bayesian variable selection for generalized linear models

Ho-Hsiang Wu, Marco A.R. Ferreira, and Mathew E. Gompper

Inference on Dynamic Models for non-Gaussian Random Fields using INLA

Renan Xavier Cortes

Strong Rate of Tamed Euler-Maruyama Approximation for Stochastic Differential Equations with Hölder Continuous Diffusion Coefficient

Hoang-Long Ngo and Duc-Trong Luong

Prediction of future failures for generalized exponential distribution under Type-I or Type-II hybrid censoring

R. Valiollahi, A. Asgharzadeh and D. Kundu

A new stochastic model and its diffusion approximation

Shai Covo and Amir Elalouf

Slash-elliptical nonlinear regression model

Izabel Cristina Alcantara and Francisco José A. Cysneiros

From heavy-tailed Boolean models to scale-free Gilbert graphs

Christian Hirsch

Multivariate versions of walks through dimensions and Schoenberg Measures

Carlos Eduardo Alonso Malaver, Emilio Porcu, and Ramon Giraldo Henao

Calibration Estimation of Adjusted Kuk’s Randomized Response Model for Sensitive Attribute

Chang-Kyoon Son and Jong-Min Kim

Ranked set sampling with Scrambled response model to subsample non-respondents

Shakeel Ahmed and Javid Shabbir

Semimartingale properties of the lower Snell envelope in optimal stopping under model uncertainty

Erick Treviño-Aguilar

On the critical probability of percolation on random causal triangulations

José Cerda-Hernández, Anatoly Yambartsev, and Stefan Zohren

A generating function approach to branching random walks

Fabio Zucca and Daniela Bertacchi

Improved asymptotic estimates for the contact process with stirring

Anna Levit and Daniel Valesin

On Bivariate Inverse Weibull Distribution

Debasis Kundu and Arjun Kumar Gupta

On estimating the scale parameter of the selected uniform population under the entropy loss function

Mohd. Arshad and Neeraj Misra

The probability that n random points in a disk are in convex position

Jean-François Marckert

G method in action: fast exact sampling from set of permutations of order n according to Mallows model through Cayley metric

Udrea Paun

A Bivariate Optimal Replacement Policy with Cumulative Repair Cost Limit for a Two-Unit System under Shock Damage Interaction

Min-Tsai Lai, Chung-Ho Chen, and Taqwa Hariguna

Concentration function for the skew-normal and skew-t distributions, with application in robust Bayesian analysis

Luciana Graziela de Godoi, Márcia D´Elia Branco, and Fabrizio Ruggeri

Asymptotics for sparse exponential random graph models

Mei Yin and Lingjiong Zhu

Probabilistic models for the (sub)Tree(s) of Life

Amaury Lambert

Statistical inference for the parameter of Lindley distribution based on fuzzy data

Abbas Pak

A New Lifetime Model with Variable Shapes for the Hazard Rate

Ahmed Z. Afify, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Edwin M.M. Ortega, and Adriano K. Suzuki

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