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Papers should be submitted electronically. Please see Submission Instructions for more information. Covering letters and similar correspondence about submitted manuscripts should be uploaded to the system together with the submission.

If there is a need to contact the Editors directly, their contact details are:

Edward I. George         email: edgeorge@wharton.upenn.edu

Tailen Hsing                  email: thsing@umich.edu

It should, however, be possible to obtain information about the progress of your submission through the electronic journal management system.

Other Contacts

Managing and Production Editors

The Managing Editor is responsible for the redaction and printing of the journal and supervises the work of the Production Editor, who handles the production details. They examine and correct page proofs, working with the authors of the papers. They often deal directly with authors regarding last-minute changes, references, and other such matters.

Authors should inquire by email first before sending anything through the post.

Patrick Kelly
IMS Production Editor
Department of Statistics
400 JMHH
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6340

email: pkelly@wharton.upenn.edu


web site contact: imswebmaster@imstat.org