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Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method

Rachael Maltiel, Adrian E. Raftery, and Tyler H. McCormick

A Bayesian hierarchical model for inferring player strategy types in a number guessing game

P. Richard Hahn, Indranil Goswami, and Carl Mela

Distributed Multinomial Regression

Matt Taddy

A Bayesian spatiotemporal model for reconstructing climate from multiple pollen records

Lasse Holmström, Liisa Ilvonen, Heikki Seppä, and Siim Veski

Inferring Constructs of Effective Teaching from Classroom Observations: An Application of Bayesian Exploratory Factor Analysis Without Restrictions

J.R. Lockwood, Terrance D. Savitsky, and Daniel F. McCaffrey

Vertex Nomination Schemes for Membership Prediction

Carey E. Priebe

Bayesian Motion Estimation for Dust Aerosols

Fabian E Bachl, Alex Lenkoski, Thordis L Thorarinsdottir, and Christoph S Garbe

Using Somatic Mutation Data To Test Tumors For Clonal Relatedness

Irina Ostrovnaya, Venkatraman E Seshan, and Colin B Begg

Regularized brain reading with shrinkage and smoothing

Leila Wehbe, Aaditya Ramdas, Rebecca C. Steorts, and Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

Population counts along elliptical habitat contours: hierarchical modelling using Poisson-lognormal mixtures with nonstationary spatial structure

Alexandra M Schmidt, Marco A Rodriguez, and Estelina S Capistrano

Multilinear tensor regression for longitudinal relational data

Peter Hoff

Combining nonexchangeable functional or survival data sources in oncology using generalized mixture commensurate priors

Thomas A Murray, Brian P Hobbs, and Bradley P Carlin

Quantile Regression for Mixed Models

Luke B. Smith, Brian J. Reich, Penny Gordon-Larsen, and Montserrat Fuentes

SLOPE -- Adaptive Variable Selection via Convex Optimization

Malgorzata Bogdan, Ewout van den Berg, Chiara Sabatti, Weijie Su, and Emmanuel Jean Candes

Probabilistic Wind Speed Forecasting on a Grid Based on Ensemble Model Output Statistics

Michael Scheuerer and David Möller

Network Assisted Analysis to Reveal the Genetic Basis of Autism

Li Liu, Jing Lei, and Kathryn Roeder

A Bayesian approach to the evaluation of risk-based microbiological criteria for Campylobacter in broiler meat

Jukka Ranta, Roland Lindqvist, Ingrid Hansson, Pirkko Tuominen, and Maarten Nauta

Bayesian Analysis of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Dynamics with Application to Irregularly Spaced Sparse Data

Zhaohua Lu, Sy-mii Chow, Andrew Sherwood, and Hongtu Zhu

A new framework for Euclidean summary statistics in neural spike train space

Sergiusz Wesolowski, Robert J. Contreras, and Wei Wu

Interpretable classifiers using rules and Bayesian analysis: Building a better stroke prediction model

Benjamin Letham, Cynthia Rudin, Tyler H. McCormick, and David Madigan

Sequential Advantage Selection for Optimal Treatment Regimes

Ailin Fan, Wenbin Lu, and Rui Song

Calibrating a large computer experiment simulating radiative shock hydrodynamics

Robert B Gramacy, Derek Bingham, James Paul Holloway, Michael J. Grosskopf, Carolyn C. Kuranz, Erica Rutter, Matt Trantham, and Paul R. Drake

Nonparametric Multi-level Clustering of Human Epilepsy Seizures

Drausin Wulsin, Shane T. Jensen, and Brian Litt

Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Drug Using Pattern and Time to First Relapse in Cocaine Dependence Treatment Data

Jun Ye, Yehua Li, and Yongtao Guan

Bayesian Analysis of Traffic Flow on Interstate I-55: The LWR Model

Nicholas Polson and Vadim Sokolov

The Gibbs-plaid Biclustering Model

Thierry Chekouo, Alejandro Murua, and Wolfgang Raffelsberger

Quantifying alternative splicing from paired-end RNA-sequencing data

David Rossell

A new set of asymmetric filters for tracking the short-term trend in real time

Estela Bee Dagum and Silvia Bianconcini

Statistical unfolding of elementary particle spectra: Empirical Bayes estimation and bias-corrected uncertainty quantification

Mikael Kuusela and Victor Michael Panaretos

Analysis of Multiview Legislative Networks with Structured Matrix Factorization: Does Twitter Influence Translate to the Real World?

Shawn Mankad and George Michailidis

The Latent State Hazard Model, with Application to Wind Turbine Reliability

Ramin Moghaddass and Cynthia Rudin

On the Analysis of Tuberculosis Studies with Intermittent Missing Sputum Data

Daniel Scharfstein, Andrea Rotnitzky, Maria Abraham, Aidan McDermott, Richard Chaissson, and Lawrence Geiter

The Discriminative Functional Mixture Model for a Comparative Analysis of Bike Sharing Systems

Charles Bouveyron, Etienne Côme, and Julien Jacques

Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Models for High-Dimensional Areal Data with Application to Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics

Jonathan Ray Bradley, Scott H Holan, and Christopher K Wikle

Extremes on river networks

Peiman Asadi, Anthony C. Davison, and Sebastian Engelke

Letter to the Editor

Milan Stehlik and Philipp Hermann

Identifying heterogeneous transgenerational DNA Methylation Sites via Clustering in Beta Regression

Shengtong Han, Hongmei Zhang, Gabrielle Lockett, Nandini Mukherjee, John Holloway, and Wilfried Karmaus

Customized training with an application to mass spectrometric imaging of cancer tissue

Scott Powers, Trevor Hastie, and Robert Tibshirani

Lymphangiogenesis and carcinoma in the uterine cervix: joint and hierarchical models for random cluster sizes and continuous outcomes

Thomas R Fanshawe, Mark Chapman, and Tony Crick

Modeling competition between two pharmaceutical drugs using innovation diffusion models

Renato Guseo and Cinzia Mortarino

"Virus Hunting" Using Radial Distance Weighted Discrimination

Jie Xiong, D. P. Dittmer, and J. S. Marron

Feature Extraction for Proteomics Imaging Mass Spectrometry Data

Lyron Juan Winderbaum, Inge Koch, Ove Johan Gustafsson, Stephan Meding, and Peter Hoffmann

Shrinkage of dispersion parameters in the binomial family, with application to differential exon skipping

Sean Ruddy, Marla Johnson, and Elizabeth Purdom
Space-time smoothing of complex survey data: Small area estimation for child mortality Laina Mercer, Jon Wakefield, Athena Pantazis, Angelina Lutambi, Honorati Masanja, and Sam Clark

A Markov-switching model for heat waves

Benjamin Adam Shaby, Brian J Reich, Daniel Cooley, and Cari G Kaufman

Prevalence and Trend Estimation from Observational Data with Highly Variable Post-Stratification Weights

Yannick Vandendijck, Christel Faes, and Niel Hens

A Stochastic Space-time Model for Intermittent Precipitation Occurrences

Ying Sun and Michael Stein

Bayesian Latent Pattern Mixture Models for Handling Attrition in Panel Studies With Refreshment Samples

Yajuan Si, Jerome P. Reiter, and D. Sunshine Hillygus

Correcting for Measurement Error in Latent Variables Used as Predictors

Lynne Steuerle Schofield

Assessing Nonresponse Bias in a Business Survey: Proxy Pattern-Mixture Analysis for Skewed Data

Rebecca Andridge and Katherine Jenny Thompson

A Bayesian Functional Linear Cox Regression Model (BFLCRM) for Predicting Time to Conversion to Alzheimer's Disease

Hongtu Zhu, Eunjee Lee, Dehan Kong, Kelly Sullivan Giovanello, Yalin Wang, and Joseph Ibrahim

Fiber Direction Estimation in Diffusion MRI

Raymond Wong, Thomas C M Lee, Debashis Paul, and Jie Peng

Evaluating the causal effect of university grants on student dropout: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design using Principal Stratification

Fan Li, Alessandra Mattei, and Fabrizia Mealli

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