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Hypothesis setting and order statistic for robust genomic meta-analysis

Chi Song and George C Tseng

Editorial: Estimating the Historical and Future Probabilities of Large Terrorist Events

Susan M Paddock

Estimating heterogeneous graphical models for discrete data with an application to roll call voting

Jian Guo, Jie Chengy, Elizaveta Levina, George Michailidis, and Ji Zhu

Small Area Estimation of General Parameters with Application to Poverty Indicators: A Hierarchical Bayes Approach

Isabel Molina, Bal Nandram, and J.N.K. Rao

Estimation of nonlinear differential equation model for glucose-insulin dynamics in type I diabetic patients using generalized smoothing

Inna Chervoneva, Boris Freydin, Brian Hipszer, Tatiyana V. Apanasovich, and Jeffrey I. Joseph

Testing the disjunction hypothesis using Voronoi diagrams, with applications to genetics

Daisy Phillips and Debashis Ghosh

Moneybarl: Exploiting Pitcher Decision Making Using Reinforcement Learning

Gagan Sidhu and Brian Caffo

Adjusting Models of Ordered Multinomial Outcomes for Nonignorable Nonresponse in the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey

Nicholas Jon Horton, Daniell Toth, and Polly Phipps

Leveraging Local IBD Increases the Power of Case/Control GWAS with Related Individuals

Joshua Neil Sampson, Bill Wheeler, Peng Li, and Jianxin Shi

A Statistical Approach to the Inverse Problem in Magnetoencephalography

Zhigang Yao and William Eddy

Bayesian nonparametric Plackett-Luce models for the analysis of preferences for college degree programmes

Francois Caron, Yee Whye Teh, and Thomas Brendan Murphy

Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Via Spatially Varying Coefficients

Tian Ge, Nicole Mueller-Lenke, Kerstin Bendfeldt, Thomas E. Nichols, and Timothy D. Johnson

A Bayesian nonparametric mixture model for selecting genes and gene sub-networks

Yize Zhao, Jian Kang, and Tianwei Yu

Bayesian modeling of bacterial growth for multiple populations

Michael Peter Wiper, Ana Paula Palacios, Juan Miguel Marín, and Emiliano Quinto

Statistical calibration for qRT-PCR, microarray and RNA-Seq expression data with measurement error models

Zhaonan Sun, Thomas Kuczek, and Yu Zhu

Bayesian Sparse Graphical Models for Classification with Application to Protein Expression Data

Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Rajesh Talluri, Yuan Ji, Kevin R Coombes, Bryan T Hennessy, Michael A Davies, and Bani K Mallick

Pairswise Comparison of Treatment Levels in Functional Analysis of Variance with Application to Erythrocyte Hemolysis

Olga Vsevolozhskaya, Mark Greenwood, and Dmitri Holodov

Detection Boundary And Higher Criticism Approach for Rare and Weak Genetic Effects

Zheyang Wu, Yiming Sun, Shiquan He, Judy Cho, Hongyu Zhao, and Jiashun Jin

Maximum Likelihood and Pseudo Score Approaches for Parametric Time-to-Event Analysis with Informative Entry Times

Brian Dermot Tom, Vernon Todd Farewell, and Sheila Bird

Clustering South African Households Based on their Asset Status Using Latent Variable Models

Damien McParland, Isobel Claire Gormley, Tyler H McCormick, Samuel J Clark, Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula, and Mark A Collinson

Effect of breastfeeding on gastrointestinal infection in infants: a targeted maximum likelihood approach for clustered longitudinal data

Mireille E Schnitzer, Mark J van der Laan, Erica EM Moodie, and Robert W Platt

Spatial Accessibility of Pediatric Primary Healthcare: Measurement and Inference

Nicoleta Serban, Mallory Nobles, and Julie Swann

Estimation in the partially observed stochastic Morris-Lecar neuronal model with particle filter and stochastic approximation methods

Susanne Ditlevsen and Adeline Samson

Combining isotonic regression and EM algorithm to predict genetic risk under monotonicity constraint

Jing Qin, Tanya Garcia, Yanyuan Ma, Ming-Xin Tang, Karen Marder, and Yuanjia Wang

A New Method of Peak Detection for Analysis of Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Data

Seongho Kim, Ming Ouyang, Jaesik Jeong, Changyu Shen, and Xiang Zhang

Voxel-level Mapping of Tracer Kinetics in Pet Studies: A Statistical Approach Emphasizing Tissue Life-tables

Finbarr O'Sullivan, Mark Muzi, David A Mankoff, Alexander M Spence, Janet F Eary, and Kenneth A Krohn

Fast Dimension-Reduced Climate Model Calibration and the Effect of Data Aggregation

Won Chang, Murali Haran, Roman Olson, and Klaus Keller

A Generalized Mixed Model Framework for Assessing Fingerprint Individuality in Presence of Varying Image Quality

Sarat C Dass, Chae Young Lim, and Tapabrata Maiti

Gene-level pharmacogenetic analysis on survival outcomes by gene-trait similarity regression

Jung-Ying Tzeng, Wenbin Lu, and Fang-Chi Hsu

Regularized 3D Functional Regression for Brain Image Data via Haar Wavelets

Xuejing Wang, Bin Nan, Ji Zhu, and Robert Koeppe

Nonlinear Predictive Latent Process Models for Integrating Spatio-Temporal Exposure Data from Multiple Sources

Nikolay Bliznyuk, Christopher Paciorek, Joel Schwartz, and Brent Coull

Rank Discriminants for Predicting Phenotypes from RNA Expression

Bahman Afsari, Ulisses Braga Neto, and Donald Geman

Probability Aggregation in Time-Series: Dynamic Hierarchical Modeling of Sparse Expert Beliefs

Ville A. Satopää, Shane T. Jensen, Barbara A. Mellers, Philip E. Tetlock, and Lyle H. Ungar

Time-warped Growth Processes, with Applications to the Modeling of Boom-bust Cycles in House Prices

Jie Peng, Debashis Paul, and Hans Mueller

A Bayesian Approach for Predicting the Popularity of Tweets

Tauhid Zaman, Emily B. Fox, and Eric T. Bradlow

Joint Modeling of Multiple Time Series via the Beta Process with Application to Motion Capture Segmentation

Emily Beth Fox, Michael C. Hughes, Erik B. Sudderth, and Michael I. Jordan

Power-law models for infectious disease spread

Sebastian Meyer and Leonhard Held

A Location-Mixture Autoregressive Model for Online Forecasting of Lung Tumor Motion

Daniel Cervone, Natesh S. Pillai, Debdeep Pati, Ross Berbeco, and John Henry Lewis

Reducing estimation bias in adaptively changing monitoring networks with preferential site selection

James V Zidek, Gavin Shaddick, and Carolyn G Taylor

Two-Phase Sampling Experiment for Propensity Score Estimation in Self-Selected Samples

Sixia Chen and Jae Kwang Kim

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